Zomboy – Terror Squad (Tuen Remix)

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  1. *-Alejox-* ~ *[GFXDesigner*] ~ says:

    Hola, quiero decirles algo, y esto es muy importante debido a que nunca he
    comentado y quiero decirles que…. EL VIDEO ESTA ARRIBA! JODERR!!!!!!!!

  2. That One Kid says:

    Dubstep and glitch hop crossover sort of?

  3. luffcful says:


  4. TheMental1stOfficial says:

    kewl… huh… like… 

  5. Kuntu Kruisheer says:

    THIS IS THE BEST DUBSTEP EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Brian Pereira says:

    que estas buscando aca? el video esta arriba ¬_¬”

  7. Victor Delgado says:


  8. vS Bucks says:


  9. Valentin Penev says:

    Jompa you sexy BEAST <3 nice upload

  10. tangoshoot57 says:

    you know what he/she looks like? … if she,.. i wanna see.

  11. Joel Galilee says:

    This picture is so appropiate. 🙂

  12. DoomsFX says:

    That picture realy fits with the music!

  13. TheOfficialFliedLice says:

    omg that change up changed up my life

  14. '96 VR-4 Spyder says:

    Sleep? But it’s 7:30!

  15. Karl M says:

    Yeah, his new skin “Zombie Yi”

  16. TuenStudios says:

    Thanks a lot 😉

  17. JimmyOdiaSentarse says:

    master yi??

  18. Raptorjunkie says:

    Romantically Apocalyptic /)^3^(

  19. Ruben Kamphuis says:

    I love those violin synths mixed in!

  20. HeadDeskOfficial says:

    nice must die! synth :3

  21. Two Ways says:

    He’s from Sweden…hahaaha 😀

  22. Two Ways says:

    Jompa, would be awesome if you checked out my latest track man, other than
    that keep doing what you do! Love it 😀

  23. KrixOfficial says:

    The best song ever, but the second drop is unrewarding

  24. The Wanderer says:

    Its Fucking JOMPA