Zebra 2 VST Oldskool Soundset

Zebra 2 VST Oldskool Soundset

A quick tour of some sound categories within the Oldskool Soundset for Zebra 2 VST. Soundset is available at http://www.u-he.com/cms/zebra2-patch-banks. Ther…

In this video, I show you how to adapt the Pad Template we created in an earlier video tutorial. The point of this video is to show you that having a templat…
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  1. Marian Kolwaski says:

    @michaelkastrup Very nice patches some of them are better then factory

  2. CoolColJ says:

    Kudos, that arp brass sound at 6:56 sounds brilliant

  3. Michael Kastrup says:

    @thedh02 Hmm its 2 very different things, Zebra is synthesis only while
    Reason do both synthesis and samples. Reason is a total studio in it self,
    Zebra is just a synth, ohh well not just, its a workhorse but still a
    complete studio against a single softsynth, then i would go for Reason.
    Sometimes i love Reason for being a stable enviroment and sometimes i hate
    it for not being able to do some of the synth things i like. heh he tough

  4. Zavon415 says:

    @michaelkastrup i got em. but how do u put them in? where does it go?

  5. joeyxl3456 says:

    hey Michael im trying to log into your website to buy some zebra sounds but
    the site is down. wassup?

  6. tubeinyou23 says:

    @thedh02 maybe you you should shut your fucking mouth …..j/k bro chill out

  7. Michael Kastrup says:

    @julioclau I started just like all of you 🙂 but when most people gave up i
    just kept on going. Learn in small steps and keep the fun factor up. When
    you understand the basics its time for the WHAT IF experiments. Do a search
    for “sound on sound synth secrets” lots of tutorials there I,ve been in and
    out of the sound making business for 30 years so yes i know a trick or two
    🙂 Learning by doing is what got me this far 🙂

  8. thedh02 says:

    @michaelkastrup would you recommend this synth over something like reason?
    I was thinking of using thor and kong inside reaosn for my synth and drums
    but i recently heard rave reviews for zebra. its making me think mayb i
    should get seperate plugins for each

  9. Zavon415 says:

    @michaelkastrup anyway i can get em or no?

  10. Michael Kastrup says:

    @Zavon415 There is a free Zebra Soundset over at xsynth.com it has 74
    patches which should keep you busy for a day or two 😉

  11. ProJonasTV says:

    All soundsets by MK are A W E S O M E if you want Zebra supersonic… Buy!

  12. dementedpuppy says:

    some amazing sounds you got here, inspiring

  13. Michael Kastrup says:

    Thx :o) Well Zebra2 will soon be Zebra3 so i guess it will be an even more
    powerful swiss army knife. Zebra may not be the most sounding analog
    virtual synthesizer but its the best hybrid of additive and FM synth. I
    always return to Zebra when i need to do advanced synth programing 🙂

  14. timaeus22222 says:

    A piano with just one oscillator and a VCF? Wat.

  15. yousurfer2 says:

    great sounds!

  16. ProJonasTV says:

    To make it short::

  17. Michael Kastrup says:

    @10aciouss I’ve added a description on where to buy in the Title to the

  18. joeyxl3456 says:

    @michaelkastrup ok cool thanks Michael. ill be in there soon.

  19. TEMAOHI2787 says:

    A-M-A-Z-I-N-G the range of sounds that ZEBRA can create!!!! Is the web site
    you gave where ALL your “Sound Sets” can be bought? If there are others,
    please let me know. I want to buy ALL of them at some point!!! I don’t own
    Zebra yet…but it is near the TOP of my MUST HAVE list.

  20. Michael Kastrup says:

    Since Zebra 2 can do almost anything i used to do brainstorm on it by
    combining various modules. When something started to sound like something
    useful i would save the patch for further work. Like if the sound came out
    violin like then i would enhance all things to make it sound more like a
    violin. The hard part is to make a patch useable all over the keyboard.
    Often the patch idea would only sound like a violin within 7 keys then i
    would have to figure out how i could expand that range.