Zebra 2 Synth Tutorial w/ zircon – Part 1 (Overview + Oscillators)

http://www.u-he.com/zebra http://www.zirconmusic.com/ Part 1 of a multi-part tutorial on the award-winning Zebra 2 soft synthesizer for Mac and Windows. Brou…

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  1. LEDBOO says:

    Great tutorial. I’m reconsidering buy this now. Lol

  2. djperryboy says:

    wow thanks man. But I have a bridge problem with Zebra2 in FL :(

  3. John Watson says:

    Thanks for doing these tutorials – they are very good and helping me a lot

  4. iamcubix says:

    Wow I’ve been looking for good tutorials on Zebra for a while now, and I’ve
    finally found it. Thanks so much for this!

  5. Monster LMA says:

    u-he Bazille is released go to the u-he forum to get the beta free until
    July. Intro 30% off price store link is in the forum too. All u-he plugs
    got updated ACE and DIVA have new scope. Right click the scope. These
    updates are in the forum too.

  6. rspteam12 says:

    Im buying this today!!!!

  7. AdoreYouInAshXI says:

    I’ll never understand all this stuff 🙁

  8. Kattamedia says:

    oh well, I got zebra cm and it looks nothing like this.

  9. Torzelan says:

    Much appreciated!

  10. Monster LMA says:

    All U-he Synths got updated to 1331 today. DArk Zebra gets an update
    sometime tonight. DIVA less CPU hungry ACE multicore support All – VST2
    64-bit for MacOS X! All – VST3 support on MacOS X and Windows! All –
    Improved installers on Win and Mac. All – Loading of converted vst2 presets
    in .vstpreset format. All – Added Revision numbers for simple version
    control (e.g. for support). All – Horizontally scrolling preset selector
    added to all plugins with multi-column view.

  11. blue2397 says:

    @Zirconst Can you tell me where i can find dm plucked? thanks

  12. Greenlaugher says:

    I’m new to this, but how do I open Zebra 2? I don’t see anything like
    “.exe” files or something. Is there some extensions?

  13. Buz Fuzi says:

    satisfaction synth? 😮

  14. theIastbaron says:

    Thank you so much for making these videos, they’ve been so helpful! Also,
    as I was watching these the tab directly adjacent to them was for Koto
    Strings, by ISW and after watching the Zebra videos I clicked on it and
    noticed demos by Andrew Aversa who I would assume is you. Needless to say
    you sold me the product, fantastic work on those also! 🙂

  15. tastelesstouch says:

    Excellent videos on a beautiful piece of software! Thanks man!

  16. naya ramirez says:

    is there no saturation effects u can put in the fx bit? i use the drive on
    the normal filter but it dnt really make it gritty and i wanted to saturate
    within the patch insted of usin another vst… im completely new to zebra
    can u tell me what exactly the xmf filter is… is it just a diffrent type
    of filter with a few more charecteristics.. i actualy forgot it had
    overdrive on ur tutorial i might try that out now. thanx for ur tutorial :)

  17. Azeon91 says:

    How is this plug in compared to sylenth1 spire massive synthmaster? is it
    possible to create trancy sounds and house sound.. and ofc mainstream

  18. Dylan Herman says:

    zebra 2 is brilliant….

  19. Musicide Smith says:

    robot burpbs

  20. BPM says:

    Man your’e awesome. Very useful and detailed videos.
    Now I know how to use Zebra properly 🙂
    Thank you and cheers!

  21. Last of Brunnen G says:

    Great video, subscribing. 

  22. Volento says:

    I completely agree with you that Zebra 2 is far better than Massive, but
    they’re two different beasts by far. Zebra has this overall polish to it
    and i’m not sure why it’s an attribute but it is. Zebra sounds clean, no
    matter what you do to it.. yet you can choose to add character to its sound
    via 4 methods of synthesis, modular structure, effects and modulations…

  23. RoboticusMusic says:

    He has massive playing in the backround

  24. chiliman93 says:

    @lilxghettodragon Zebra is, for my opinion, the best synth maker.

  25. emblemlance says:

    lol must get huge headaches when getting lost messing around in zebra

  26. FoclatelyChish says:

    now THAT is dirty, and i want it!

  27. NuclearLullaby says:

    If I combined this with my custom formant programs, I just migh get words!
    LOL Pretty awesome!

  28. Jack Granlund says:

    @172Break ty man ! 😀

  29. recordingreview says:

    Exceptionally great video! Well done dude in every way. Thanks!

  30. Noodul says:

    Just getting into Zebra and this is a great help – thank you! More dub bass
    please! Please!

  31. zirconst says:

    @MasterPedroke They’re built in – if you don’t have them, just update to
    the latest version.

  32. Kaelon Drae says:

    nevermind -.-

  33. Jack Granlund says:

    @zirconst where do i get zebra? plz answer 🙂