Xfer Records – Serum – Recording & Importing The Virus Hypersaw

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  1. Hyperezil says:

    I’ve been using Serum since release trying to exploit it’s potential, I
    have to say I’m not a fan of the sound it produces, I tend to find it
    sounds very very digital, I’m a big fan of Fxpansions Strobe as it has that
    distorted analogue style grit so I usually use it as a benchmark when
    testing plugins. With Serum everything sounds bang on almost too bang on
    for my liking, I tend to also find myself making the same type of sound
    consistently and it usually revolves around some type of saw tooth sound,
    the only thing I do find myself using Serum for is sub basses, they sound a
    lot warmer and fuller sounding than most plugins I’ve used so far but as
    for any other sound I still stick to my usual plugins. Serum to me seems
    very useful for a specific sound and although it has many features
    surrounding it they all seem to produce the same sound. 

  2. Music By Mentz says:

    Could you upload the Virus sample for us?

  3. Jim Griffiths says:

    The Virus TI has to be one of the worst synthesizers for hardware issues.
    It took me several years to find out how to get it to become relatively
    stable, and it’s still damn glitchy when exporting. Might sell the heap of

    Serum looks pretty good. Does it have the capability of octave splitting
    with different sampled waves? That would be awesome to maintain the high
    frequency content for the lower notes. Might get it if it can do that.

  4. Music By Mentz says:

    Could you upload the Virus sample for us?

  5. Ave Mcree says:

    dude, I love the way you have the camera set up

  6. Felippe Senne says:

    this is so cool!