What is Dubspot? Electronic Music Production & DJ School – NYC & Online

Dubspot has become the world’s premier electronic music production and DJ school for experienced and aspiring artists alike. Just as importantly, Dubspot is …
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More info: http://bit.ly/RQQgWm Mike Huckaby is a world renowned electronic music producer and DJ from Detroit. He is the founder and owner of the labels Dee…
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. virus2003 says:

    I bet all ‘music’ that comes from the alumni sounds the same.
    This just seems like a scam to get rich kid’s money.

  2. angel arellano says:

    If in had the money to take the Dj class I’ll be all over it 

  3. elek snow says:

    what a joke..true school is at the club,at home in the street but certainly
    not in this monkey house

  4. Tore Hansen says:

    Mens i dette oljelandet har vi heldigvis blokkfløyta som kjernen i

    En føkking vits.

  5. ishy2217 says:

    what are the songs/tracks in this video called?

  6. Adam X Hudson says:

    Haha Going this Monday to NYC just to go to Dubspot School !!

  7. skippychris10 says:

    So that’s where all the pictures come from…

  8. ritchie sabaimusic says:
  9. Oscar Northington says:

    To bad its not in Virginia.

  10. Chad Eustis says:

    You really did a amazing job on this video. Music composition has always
    been the most important part of my life. I’ve always wanted to work in the
    music industry. I’ve already produced several songs and finally I’m very
    close to achieving my dream. After extensive research I finally found the
    best software for beat creation for the new year. I posted a link for this
    software on my channel. check it out.

  11. Tadeo Montoya says:

    legit i might go here

  12. Dubspot says:

    Hello Google+ Community…

  13. Dubspot says:

    @DjDarkster thanks for the suggestion, we’re planning some more stuff soon
    covering different combinations of those. Since they are all NI products
    though they are in a pretty good place to talk to each other.

  14. Peejayallday says:

    Nevermind found it you have to hold alt

  15. Ziv Melamed says:

    I would like to see more in depth about the history of DJing.

  16. Dave Maze says:

    sounds like a great organization, keep the Art form alive !!!

  17. MegaCheguevara1 says:

    I’m brazilian, i would love to know NY and Take a course with Dubspot’s

  18. Alexis Casablanca says:

    Was that Deadelus?!?!?

  19. m. erton says:

    there is the sae , it’s a international official course . the best one of
    new york , paris , london . you have one in sydney , byron bay , melbourne
    , adelaide and perth . cheers mate

  20. FargoMusic says:

    I wanna go to DS. Unfortunately I’m from Russia lol(

  21. MurkEDProductions says:

    I can’t work like that. I find it much easier to use any kit, create a
    pattern, and replace the kit according to the subgenre or vibe of the

  22. J Cuz says:

    Thanks, took my new beginnings with maschine to a new level!

  23. GreyThe SocarticGames says:

    I tried to use his way and I must need help because his way didn’t work for

  24. Mag LamPlum says:

    Great Ideas!

  25. Dubspot says:

    Hi – Its called ‘Input Quantization’. You can turn this feature on via the
    preferences menu inside Maschine. Thanks for watching!

  26. Peter Carter says:

    Thought he showed it pretty well. You create diff. patterns in each group,
    and then experiment by combining different patterns across groups. I don’t
    think there is a method for creating patterns. Just experiment and have
    fun. You’ll see what works for you.

  27. Elias Kernschatten says:


  28. JetboyOZ says:

    Not a problem.

  29. DapperDaringDashing says:

    how does he generate his patterns? he never actually says, he just goes on
    to say ” now that you have 64 different patterns…” and then starts
    switching patterns? really interested in the workflow but a little
    confused. thanks

  30. DearbornJohn says:

    Great instructionial video you’re a great teacher grand master Dubspot

  31. DDTMediaCorporation says:

    you swap the selected group patterns and get instant variations by doing so.

  32. Vijay Weemhoff says:

    Quick and awesome!

  33. waxcutsntrax says:

    This workflow tip is priceless.