Using loops to fill up your beat – Ableton Tutorial Tuesday

Using loops to fill up your beat - Ableton Tutorial Tuesday

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  1. Carlos Cuevas says:

    Giving loops a try, I find them hard to use within my workflow. maybe some
    inspirations or ideas from them. Nice Sample Pack

  2. Shangaipenguin says:

    Go type in to google “rekkerd samples” and you’ll have tons of free

  3. Viktor Onopko says:

    why don’t you just use the spread function of the operator first, after
    putting an utility on it…

  4. Br0o0otal says:

    +skeptic fromeurope Unfortunately if you don’t you will always be
    considered a failure in the music business. I heard Skrillex actually tapes
    numbers to his screen and that’s how he gets those deep growl sounds.

  5. Nima Talebi says:

    ARTFX – Thank you for these awesome tutes, I spend half the day at work
    waiting to get home to get into the next one (or two, (or three, (…))).

  6. Skeptic FromEurope says:

    Why are the number of the tracks important? I honestly don’t get why adding
    the # before the name is so important…

  7. TheTwytch says:

    If you’re using ableton there are a few little loops in ableton’s library
    that you can use similarly. It’ll also give you a more personal

  8. ARTFX STUDIOS says:

    This comment gets nominated for best comment of 2013! 😀

  9. ARTFX STUDIOS says:

    I already own it, will be using it from season 2 onwards.

  10. Jordan Tan says:

    Wow you’re really helpful Thanks a lot 🙂

  11. ARTFX STUDIOS says:

    Because I basically already show that in the other videos. Also I don’t
    want to spend a lot of time making a loop first and then start what this
    video is about, that would make the video very very long.

  12. Mark van Rijswijk says:

    that’s not what I asked for 😉

  13. Bleak Amethyst says:

    thanks for giving ableton noobs like me actual advice 🙂 i’ve learned so
    much by watching your tutorials, mate.

  14. black666label says:

    Why didn’t you show us how to make our own loops and then do what you did
    in the video?

  15. JIZZO BIZZO says:

    This is awesome man! Please upload the projects.!

  16. ARTFX STUDIOS says:

    Okay this weeks episode is a bit short, I’m feeling a small writersblock
    kicking in… Anyway there we go!

  17. Sprangeful says:

    Third! Asspoop

  18. Hayde says:

    what is your intro song?

  19. Fire Traxx says:

    Dope man! was waiting for the new video! big ups!!

  20. K100 says:


  21. acYm says:

    what’s the brand of that sweater?

  22. Hoodie King says:

    This is fucking amazing.

  23. NativeAUS says: