Untold (Hemlock / Pennyroyal / Hessle) @ Dubspot! Interview + Workshop Recap

London-based DJ/producer Jack Dunning (a.k.a. Untold) stopped by Dubspot for a music production workshop where he discussed his workflow, influences, product…
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  1. DJ Equipment - Djkit.com says:

    http://youtu.be/BK5mEL0PKoc London-based DJ/producer Jack Dunning (a.k.a.
    Untold) discusses his workflow, influences, production secrets

  2. DopeSound says:

    Hemlock Recordings boss Untold discusses his beginnings, workflow,
    production tools, and more

  3. paul tutterz says:

    ive got his first release. Kingdom is still one of my favorites

  4. Dubspot says:

    Glad we can help!!

  5. Based Is How You Feel Inside says:

    Change In A Dynamic Environment series is amazing, and his new label’s
    sound is super exciting, great producer

  6. Dubspot says:

    Stay tuned. You never know who we will have 😉

  7. DeejayStratege says:

    Untold, we waiting for new soundz !

  8. slyman928 says:

    aww shit he’s using reaper 😀

  9. Andrew Obuchowicz says:

    Yes for Reaper :DDD

  10. Remy Dieux says:

    J.Tijn would be nice

  11. Music Glaze™ says:

    wow guys keep up the good work, just started learning on your channel, can
    make a solid wub wub

  12. Bob Bell says:

    Great stuff.

  13. nvaleri says:

    +1 for Reaper!

  14. Clayton Brand says:

    Great video, cool to see his unique workflow (Sketching tracks -> Massive
    sounds -> very little effects).

  15. rootbeermcgee says:

    Always lol

  16. Antispiral1 says:

    inspiring how little he uses

  17. rootbeermcgee says:

    can you guys get UK producers Joker (Kapsize) and Swindle (Butterz/Deep
    Medi) and even Dam Funk (Stonesthrow)