UnFiltered – Dubspot Online School Preview: Student Feedback Video w/ Thavius Beck

Welcome to Dubspot UnFiltered, a new series created to share the intimate experience that Dubspot Online offers for our students. In this first episode we pe…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Read the article by John Selway and find out more here: http://bit.ly/qWWZjl In the first installment of Techno Fundamentals, electronic musician and Dubspot…
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. Farhan Jiwani says:

    Thavius, I like how you warped the sitar a lot. Sounded pretty sick :)

  2. brain96969 says:

    Great teacher, great student

  3. Cylusmusiculm says:

    wow this beginning sounded sick! i would buy it if it haz a great Drop *-*

  4. http://www.youtube.com/undergroundbassline says:


  5. William Wallace says:

    @polchinw yeah, I thought it was going to sound a bit weird but it sounded

  6. Herman Cortez says:

    this shit is a good mix of jarring and banging love young experimental

  7. justletmesigninokthx says:

    free content online thats better re: tutorials…., re; track: great start
    for a yoot though 

  8. DSLmande says:


  9. Hugzi says:

    wow only thirteen and he is better then me!

  10. Sherry Harrisson says:

    mate u talk so loudly that I have to lower the volume, but then I cannot
    hear all the sounds.
    Next time please don’t shout in ur mic.

  11. Ian Cuthbertson says:

    6:17 “short the gay, short decay” (great tutorial though ;))

  12. Rabbi Dirticow says:

    Selway n his chorus. I think he crazy glued the chorus button to the on
    position, on his Juno 106, as a kid =) OSC 2 reminds me of Altern8, without
    the cool masks n vicks vapor rub of course. Gr8 job, “Spy”! I’m totally
    gonna jack this idea. Miss ya brotha!

  13. David ter Telgte says:

    One of the best tutorials I found so far. Keep it up. Like the background
    info about of what all the little knobs do as well. 

  14. Leonardo Oliani says:

    Amazing teacher. 

  15. Layec David says:

    thx, quand je veux mettre une autre note comme la sub posée en a#1 qui
    donne cet effet de rebond je suis obligé de rester en a#1 , si je met une
    note au dessus ou en dessous elle ne se li pas, est ce un bug sur mon
    ableton, ou est ce normal? merci

  16. Dr. KoNfLiCt says:

    Could somebody remake a tutorial with this bassline but in Sylenth1 or
    massive? Amazing bass!

  17. mas sam says:

    any ideas how you would do this in logic X ?

  18. sagejr says:

    +Dubspot i hear a clicking sound on the beginning of each note from the
    baseline, is it the quality of my headphones or is it some setting i missed
    in operator?

  19. Tony Ferreira says:

    excellent thank you John and Dubspot

  20. Florian Kornmueller says:

    good one

  21. DJ Tommy Mack says:

    Thanks very much for this tutorial 

  22. DJMOBE says:

    Thanks you did it

  23. David S says:


  24. Ivo Atama says:


  25. Mathews Fischer says:

    what is the music on final of the video?