Understanding FM Synthesis with FM8!

My first tutorial! Please feel free to like, sub or whatever. And share it! & pls excuse my english at some points 😛 it’s not my native language. Also check…
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  1. Driscal Deep says:

    I was beginning to wonder if there were ANY girls out there, that are into
    sound design/ production…
    Thanks for the informative Tut, and helping me figure out how to do
    something as simple as activate an oscillator.
    Ive been driving myself crazy thinking my fm8 was broken for the past 2
    days because the oscillators wouldn’t work!
    Thanks again!

  2. Surfdiva21 says:

    yes! Finally a girl thats into productions much as i am! much respect 

  3. CardiacTrance (Yotsuchi Records) says:

    I’m Japanese and English is my second language. I tried few times studying
    FM synthesis in Japanese, and it never made sense, but I started to
    understand it watching this movie. Wow. Crazy. You are awesome!!! *Thumbs

  4. Frank LaVerne says:

    Thank you for your tutorial. I’ve been making music for years, but was only
    relying on patches from other people. Trying to find my way to create a
    couple of sounds on my own, I failed – so far.

    Other tutorials were way too much relating on just specific synths, or were
    way too technical. Your tutorial though gave me a clear insight to FM
    synthesis regardless of the synth, with enough technical aspect to
    transform the knowledge to any other synth.

  5. Michael Vanasek says:

    Help me understand synthesis more!please. I love how you explain the
    process and make it applicable for a newbie like myself….

  6. Michael Vanasek says:

    thank you so much. Just got komplete9 and this just opened my world!keep
    them coming.much love.

  7. Michael Vanasek says:

    Hey Sarah. It would be great if you made a massive synth tutorial like this
    one…would be much help. Keep it up!

  8. Boku No says:

    Thank you. I found this video really helpful and interesting. Watching it
    has made me want to learn about fm8 more, at the moment I open it say ‘wow’
    and close again again because it’s scarey ha. 

  9. Cristian Pérez Lecaros says:

    what do you mean by putting the reverb on a send-channel? 

  10. Steve Mark says:

    Thank you for posting this. I feel a little less intimidated by diving
    into creating my own sounds. Very helpful. (And your English is quite

  11. bebobli says:

    Your spectrum analyzer link is broken…

  12. Monochrome Arts says:

    you wouldn’t believe how refreshing it is to hear a sound design
    tutorial… FROM A GIRL. 😀 great work, keep it up! :)

  13. RmaN J says:

    Lovely Tutorial On a Lovely Subject By A lovely Girl 🙂
    tnx :)

  14. Tomass Schomborg says:

    the difference between female and male tutors = female tutors getting
    positive feedback all the times

  15. Aggi Vessano says:

    Please continue, you got a talent for it. 

  16. Alexander Odintsov says:

    Really nice tutorial !

  17. David Church says:

    Really good tutorial; I hope you do more as time goes on. Thank You!

  18. BenMan Ten says:

    Danke Sara, jetzt hab ich es auch verstanden 🙂 

  19. Anthony Frizalone says:


  20. Randy Baker says:

    JESUS Thank you SOOO much! two hours of horrible tutorials before I find
    this and finally wrap my head around how it works fundamentally. KEPP

  21. Владислав Табачук says:

    you looks like little kitty

  22. Tommy Lee says:

    Good video helped a lots, thanks and God bless.

  23. Noyo BENZÉNIK says:

    Thanks a lot! You made me understand sound synthesis with operators. Big
    french kiss!