Tuen – Spare |K-391 Remix|

Artist : Tuen , K-391 Song : Spare Genre : Electro / House ♫ Purchase ○ Beatport : http://btprt.dj/WQZB6e ▻ Tuen Soundcloud → http://soundcloud.com/tore-tu…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Get this track at: http://www.beatport.com/release/faith/949809 ‘Faith’ EP is finally here! I’m so excited to see what you guys thinks about this track! I’m …



  1. Mugetsu Beatz says:

    *At **1:00** The song reached a new level of AWESOMENESS ! ! !*

  2. synthetic legion says:

    3:33 was not expected but DAMMMMM love it when K-391 does that

  3. julien valenzuela says:

    calm and relaxing

  4. RapeonPvP | MinecraftPvP und mehr says:


  5. N_TrickZz says:

    yeah K-391 come back c:

  6. LostSoundNetWork says:

    Awesome Great to see you back:)

  7. How To Live Well says:

    2:00 Does anybody else get reminded of ‘nice take-off’ by K-391 at this

  8. CaLeB PoTtEr says:

    Dude, nice work on these songs.I look forward to each one =^_^=

  9. borris lean says:

    ahhhhhh the leg is blocking my view

  10. Keflit -San says:

    Amazing. I love this so much. I can’t stop listening to it. 🙂 <3 Also love
    the pic. <3

  11. Sr.Russo™ says:

    8 a Comentar ae Br Hue Love!!!!!

  12. My name is a mystery says:

    uhh first? 😮
    this is amazing luv it <3 :)

  13. ◄Multex► says:

    Ah, that K-391 sound vibes <3

  14. Zohan Anime says:

    One of us 🙂 Anime FTW !

  15. brandon jobe says:

    love the snog and pic keep up the good work

  16. プーティン ル· says:
  17. Merlin kim says:

    cool stuff yo. love the way you merge the anime to fit the music. +1 sub
    from me 😀 and of course since you have love live as your background thats
    always a plus :D

  18. Aaron Chavey says:

    This is definitely K-391’s type of style music.


    man this shit is madness everything goes hard keep up the goodwork….wow

  20. ITZ0BILZ0 says:

    Has this channel gone dead? I really like the music you make, man! I wish
    you would carry on!

  21. LegitBadKidz says:

    you make some good ass music man 🙂 keep up the good work!

  22. TuenStudios says:

    Thanks man! That’s cool! Share it if you want

  23. Aaron Banger says:

    Normally, I’m more of a melodic dub/chillstep person. But this track is
    very clean and didn’t feel “cluttered.” Nice work! FYI, I found you through
    XxImortalmagexX’s feature of your other song, which was nicely done as
    well. A feature like that can really get some sweet exposure! Best of luck!!

  24. TuenStudios says:

    Hahahhahahhaha! Thanks

  25. christopher Long says:

    nice this song rocks

  26. TuenStudios says:

    Haha! Awesome man! I hoped you would like it!

  27. TuenStudios says:

    Haha! Thanks a lot!

  28. X A I T A M says:

    EPIC! NYDELIG TORE!!! :3 SOOOOOO dirty DROP! Have to say, this say this is
    another GREAT track! For sure one of my new song im gonna listen too when
    im in killing mood at games! 😀 TY :3

  29. TuenStudios says:

    Yes I did. Something was wrong with it and it wasn’t the full track. Weird

  30. TuenStudios says:

    Thanks dude! That’s awesome!!

  31. FluffyTalks1 says:

    this is so amazing!!! i can’t wait to be a hipster when you get famous 🙂

  32. TuenStudios says:

    Thanks a lot Neff!

  33. TheNeffko says:

    Man, i love it!!! Good work

  34. TuenStudios says:

    Haha nice, but I already have one up! 🙂