Tuen – Scrooge 2013 ft. Gjermund Olstad (Original Mix)

Tuen - Scrooge 2013 ft. Gjermund Olstad (Original Mix)

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Get this track at: http://www.beatport.com/release/faith/949809 ‘Faith’ EP is finally here! I’m so excited to see what you guys thinks about this track! I’m bringing you a moombahton track!…
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  1. xDzLukkii says:


  2. ChepStepDub says:


  3. TuenStudios says:

    Thanks a lot! That’s nice to hear! 🙂

  4. TuenStudios says:

    Hello everyone! Support me and get this track at Beatport! Links in the
    description! Thumbs up so people can see!

  5. TuenStudios says:

    Du likte den? Herlig!

  6. NotTheRealBassKitten says:

    Heyy Tuen 🙂 you are doing awesome stuff bro! Btw why were you on ABH if
    your song is on Beatport?? I’m also a producer but I’m very noob-ish and
    very rookie-ish I’m only 14 but I would appreciate if you checked out my
    channel. Means a lot to me thanks <33

  7. ZombiePineapple says:

    dude, you got talent:D great musical skill, and you have originality and
    taste! Just curios bro, what program are you using for production?

  8. TuenStudios says:

    Thanks a lot ChepStepDub! Let me know if you wanna promote anything else
    than “So Hard”! I’m up for more promo!