Tuen – Magnimopus (Original Mix) [DMT 1,000 Subs Free EP]

For those of you who missed my release “Magnimopus” on DMT the 15th of February. Here it is on my channel as well. Thanks a lot DMT for letting me be a part …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

FREE DOWNLOAD: http://snd.sc/11nuXLZ Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/track/7bdlm3ppgWvXEQSJQG0JmK Another russ track by me Tuen and Gjermund Olstad! This ha…
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. OfficialAfterShock says:

    You have some great growls going on there. Keep up the good work.

  2. MrOlavVE says:

    Digge dubstep-sangane dine! Fortsett me dei 😉

  3. 6Traceur says:

    wow im surprised for really good man!

  4. TuenStudios says:

    Thanks bro!

  5. L4DFRED says:

    Great stuff

  6. Bartłomiej Polinkiewicz says:

    Well hello there silly one. this is what I heard in the latest demo but
    longer and even more epic. Cheers tuen 😀 I;m glad I stayed a little longer

  7. Protoxix says:


  8. Thomas Bernat says:

    Nice one bro, greets from France!

  9. WavebiteTunes says:

    Hellll yeah! This ones got a nice jingle Tuen 🙂

  10. Tor Olav Leksbø says:

    Chillsong 😀

  11. amedeo pugni says:


  12. Felicity Plott says:


  13. BassCrusher Music says:

    i should be thanking you for these awesome songs….btw, what does Russelåt

  14. jonas pettersen says:

    Drøyeste russesangen, kjør på !

  15. TMIbro says:

    Dude, I ADORE YOU

  16. Mr Daniel says:

    Hvordan gjør du den stemmen som sier “La Familia”? 🙂

  17. Flappie134 says:

    Wauw awesome, great song!

  18. TPr0xY says:

    Elsker det!

  19. TuenStudios says:

    Haha. Hvilken stemme? Den som sier dekknavnet på sangene? I dette tilfellet
    “La Familia…”

  20. Mr Daniel says:

    Haha den er rå ^^

  21. TuenStudios says:

    Bare hyggelig! 😉

  22. fepic98 says:

    -.- Fu*king kidding me….

  23. Raynior™ says:

    Funs ddæet noen russ i år som dropper med em bass og ikke texh.?

  24. TuenStudios says:

    And I love you!

  25. Andrea Hoff says:

    Råtttt 😉

  26. Mr Daniel says:

    Ja, bare lurer på hvordan du gjør eller lager den 😀 Eller den stemmen på
    Little Red Ridinghood på begynnelsen av sangen 🙂