Tuen – Little Red Ridinghood 2013 ft. Gjermund Olstad (Russelåt)

FREE DOWNLOAD: http://snd.sc/ZL40Bl Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/album/27kmQkTWwBjlWbOAimy5NL Another russ project I did with my good friend Gjermund Ols…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

FREE Download: http://snd.sc/15uBs5G For those of you who went to my gig in may recognise this track. People have been begging me to release it, and I kind o…
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. Tiger cub says:

    Du blir flinkere og flinkere <3 Stå på

  2. Flappie134 says:

    .-. o_o O_O AWESOME!

  3. simon tverstøl says:

    Dette er min favoritt til nå 🙂

  4. Kristian Ramstad says:

    Digger det!

  5. TuenStudios says:

    Tusen takk Daniel! 🙂

  6. hannahcann98 says:

    Im mega big fan of your music! Will u make more??? Hope u do

  7. Philip Geiblinger says:

    Awesome Stuff! O-O One of the best subscriptions i made! 😀

  8. KirkenesParkour says:

    ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥ haters Gtfo! Denne er så digg♥

  9. christopher Long says:

    i remember first subscribing to this guy before he was this popular when he
    was still new and asking for people to check him out on other peoples
    channels i listened to one of his songs and got hooked this guy is great!!

  10. Nikoline Olsen says:

    Give it up for little red ridinghood!!!

  11. Kerozen says:

    dark? turn on the lights then…

  12. LikeDeadChannelMusic says:

    OMG man *—————* <3

  13. RaizeDesigns says:

    Dette er sykt rått! 😮

  14. Kristian Ramstad says:

    Jækla smuude!

  15. TuenStudios says:

    What? Dark?

  16. SicuRap says:

    Nice and interesting song. I like the beat and rhythm. Keep it up and
    thanks for a song that I’ll be listening for the next few days constantly^^.

  17. Superd@9L says:

    Utrolig gøy å følge utviklinga di, Tore. Begynner å bli ordentlig bra dette
    her!! Håper du får all cred og fremskritt som du fortjener! :]

  18. Fubar Audio says:

    Damn, this is dark

  19. TheOfficialPacksi says:

    Amazing track yet again my friend 🙂 Keep up the great work!

  20. yocefoce says:

    Nice sang, men kanskje du skulle prøvd med litt hardere trommer? 😉 Hadde
    også vært hyggelig om du kunne gitt feedback på den nyeste sangen jeg har
    laga… ;3

  21. Alex Bassix says:

    By ‘deathwing’ do you mean the warhammer 40k kind?

  22. Fubar Audio says:

    Oh, I remember you trying to edit this in a live stream last May/June.

  23. fepic98 says:

    OMG O.o

  24. Andrew Nash says:

    great song man, love your songs, and your remix’s especially your remix of
    zomboy terror squad

  25. FluffyTalks1 says:

    Fantastisk Tuen! Gjør et studio tour video, jeg vil se utstyret du bruker :3

  26. TuenStudios says:

    Thanks Rob!

  27. stefanoistheking says:

    growls are dopee

  28. TheOfficialPacksi says:

    It was a huge pleasure to collaborate on this track with you man, I hope
    you all enjoy and thanks for the support guys!

  29. Tofaa and his misadventures says:

    I thought this was to be released on the 28’th… Well, great start to the
    end of my first day at school! Freakin’ love it, Tuen.

  30. Nic Theologos says:

    Where can I download this?

  31. sean says:

    Could I use this song for my videos?

  32. stefanoistheking says:

    I came

  33. Pau Lamir says:

    Best combition ever! Tuen & Packsi the bests!!!

  34. stefanoistheking says:

    This isnt avius

  35. TuenStudios says:

    Absolutely! Just credit me with social media links in the description.

  36. André Friberg says:

    Syyyyyyykt DIGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 <3 <3 <3 <3

  37. Rob In Spain says:

    Nice one. Keep up the great work!!

  38. stefanoistheking says:


  39. stefanoistheking says:

    pimp af