Trasformers 3 “Dark of the Moon” Sound Design Feature

the sound designers of transformers 3 talking about the sound design of the movie.
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. Frost says:

    The sound design was great.
    The movie was awful.
    The action was great.
    The acting was awful.
    The CGI was great.
    The comedy was awful.

  2. David Huerta says:

    Excision should do the sound design.

  3. rhoyt15 says:

    at 4:08 are they recording to tape??

  4. Dominant Snail says:

    5:29 wot

  5. Andre Tucra says:

    that guy has black eyes wtf

  6. Rahul Iruku says:

    good work

  7. meginis8 says:

    The transformers movies are terrible, but I would love to get a job where I
    shoot and sample guns all day. That would be so much fun!

  8. sp alex says:

    2 bad the movie was not as good as the sound

  9. UnknownWebUser says:


  10. Skorpioks Music says:

    Very impressed! I find the dry ice on metal very creative! I would love to
    see the process of turning these sounds into robotic metally sounding
    epicness together with some heavy synthesizers.

  11. I'on Smith says:

    Sound design week assignment

  12. Eric Flynn says:

    true audiophiles

  13. Irv Gotti says:

    the best movie Bay ever made was Armageddon nuff said

  14. Adam Crossley says:

    3:58, all the channels clip lol, hope he has the limiter on..