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Learn more at the Dubspot Blog: The Traktor Kontrol S4 is a new hardware and software controller for Native Instruments with a lot of exciting features. In this first…



  1. Reeper123 says:

    Complete noob here. How do I get it so that my output monitor is my
    headphones and my master output is my computer or is that not possible?

  2. PlayItForward ChessClub says:

    I am complete Neophyte and don’t anything about digital recording. I went
    to recording school 25 years ago in NYC, I have been playing guitar for 38
    years (I am 52) and did a fully complete home studio at one point , but
    that was 15 years ago. I am not looking to become a trance rock star, but
    now that I am fully disabled an unable to work, I want to get back into
    music recording. For the last 5 years, I thought the only choice was
    pro-tools. Now I know better chocs for what I want to be is Ableton using
    Push, Machine using Machine Studio, or even Kontrol S8 for Reaktor because
    Djing is something I would dig. I have about 5K to spend. I am confused
    if I should go the pioneer route with their latest controller for scratch called
    DDJ-SX2 or go the NI route with machine studio and new reakot controller.
    But I would still need a DAW which makes me think Ableton and that cool
    push controller. I am thinking about experimenting playing live gigs with
    jj rig, drummer and guitarist. I just want to have the shortest learning
    curve possible and have fun. I understand I need to pay my dues and this
    will take time. IF I go the pioneer route, what DAW do I use. Do I
    even need Machine studio if I have Push? I like Push because of the way
    it uses music theory and understand music theory well. It’s almost is
    like Push is a new instrument. I am not young and just want to have fun.
    And if I am able to ever do a live gig, does the clubs in NYC and CA have
    both equipment to support both NI & Pioneer. Thanks for taking time to
    read long post. I appreciate everyone’s input. Much Love. BobbyD

  3. Daniel Hartshorn says:

    Butch – No worries :)

  4. Lifted Andreas says:

    My girlfriend just bought me an S4 for Xmas coz my Reloop Mixage IE is on
    its way out after years of service. Shes the best!!! xD

    Btw dude, you’re wearing my headphones! Ultrasone DJ1 ftw! :D

  5. Mrlebobo Kahlouche says:

    Thanks Shawn Pyfrom for this video 

  6. fred dubois says:

    is it me or most of these controllers are really compact , knob are small
    and so close to each other , form what i can tell numark is the only
    company that spread there buttons out just a tad more

  7. fadill fadha says:
  8. best says:

    Where I can buy this green light usb cable for the S4 ?

  9. Djvegamix says:
  10. angel husky says:

    i have a ipad 2 16gb wifi 3g and at and t

  11. RockstahRolln says:

    @HighlyIsnae999 Check out the Native Instruments Forum on that! I just got
    my S4, it is sitting right beside me as I type this up! =} So happy to have
    made this purchase, WELL WORTH IT!!

  12. John Miller says:

    hey, is it possible to set the loop to 3, 6, or 9 bars?

  13. Endo says:

    Cue Button.

  14. Endo says:

    Go to the Native Instruments website to view the current price. You can
    order them at any Native Instruments retailer. Most music stores sell it
    (guitar center / sam ash etc).

  15. Endo says:

    Yes, it is possible to set a loop to 3, 6 or 9 bars. You need to first set
    a loop (one of Traktor’s default loop lengths), then open Traktor’s
    advanced panel below the decks by clicking the black arrow underneath the
    Active button and click on the “Loop” tab. You can then choose “loop out”
    in the dropdown menu and select the length you want to change the loop out
    point, and make it bigger or smaller until you get the loop length you