Tom and Zee die in Robinson Crusoe – Live!

Tom and Zee die in Robinson Crusoe - Live!

Tom and Zee play Robinson Crusoe live. Hopefully we survive. Buy great games at Find more reviews and videos at
Video Rating: 4 / 5

LIVE: Camera in Donetsk, Kievskiy district

Live camera in the northwestern part of Donetsk, covering Kievskiy district that had recently become a scene of heavy shelling. The camera is pointed in the direction of affected areas. LIVE:…
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. Screen playa says:

    I would definitely prefer that your playthroughs be with games you know
    how to play. Watching you look up rules is distracting and not
    entertaining. I do hope you do more of these, though. How about some

  2. gimanswirve says:

    I thought the hammer could only be used if you had a player token as well
    (to prevent rolling dice).

  3. Christopher Boethius says:

    It’s sort of spoilerish, but I find the game gets quite simple if you spend
    the first few rounds Arranging the Camp, and buildng morale to maximum, so
    that every round you’re then generating extra free determination tokens and
    every round you can then do your special actions by using those tokens.
    And Zee says it’s a dumb action. Wink and a nod my good man; wink and a
    The next time I play, I’m debating even house-ruling “No Arranging the Camp
    to start the game,” until maybe certain events happen or something, i.e.
    thematically, the camp is already arranged when the game starts and you
    can’t fix it up any better yet.

  4. Bob Gabriels says:

    I hear kids “being kids” in the background !

  5. Brogan Trull says:

    thanks you guys, me and my wife have been playing this game, pandemic,
    castles of burgandy, agricola, and many others and enjoying the time we
    spend together thanks to Dice Tower. coolstuffinc is great I am waiting
    for Sheriff of Nottingham to get back in stock so I can finally order it

  6. shawnieyang says:

    Hey Tom and the dice tower crew! I would recommend putting in a “live now”
    section on your channel. It makes it a little easier to find rather than
    the Uploads section. But anyway, I hope you and Zee have a great time! :)

  7. Eric Chiriboga says:

    This game seems like it’s at that level where it’s so difficult that it’s
    not even fun.
    I feel like I would just get really frustrated when I never win.

  8. Steven Reekmans says:

    This King Kong scenario isn’t in the original game right?

  9. Osama Elmasri says:

    I just started watching the video
    One comment:
    You can’t use the hammer and nail by itself only, u need a player token

  10. Seung-Bin Bae says:

    Which is more complicated, Ronbinson Crusoe or Mage Knight?

  11. 13shivan says:

    I have been waiting for this 🙂 thanks guys

  12. John Byrne says:

    Really enjoyed that. Keep the streams up! Always fun to watch these short

  13. C r s says:

    Now that you have Kickstarter money could it be possible to purchace
    equipment that doesn’t produce badly interlaced live video? These live
    sessions are pain to watch as every slight movement causes picture to

  14. Lenkic13 says:

    If you win this scenario and capture King Kong, do you then play a game of
    King of New York to play out what happens next?

  15. Richard Benson says:

    Trees do freeze. 🙂 You should come back up to Minnesota more often.

  16. Robert Shaffer says:

    I hope you take some of that kickstarter money and buy yourself a new desk
    chair tom!

  17. vyktor cintron says:

    Loved it! Yes. Set up a Live Section. Keep them coming.