This is Xfer Records’s Serum (PlugInGuru Sonic Tour)

New Synth! Woot!! Serum is a next-generation high quality synthesizer from Steve Duda at Xfer Records. Enjoy a tour of what this synth can do! If you wanna b…
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(Tutorial) Xfer Records - Nerve

In this video, I’ll be giving you an in depth look at this kick ass plugin. It’s LOADED with really nice sounding samples and you can import your own as well…



  1. andivax says:

    no arpegiator (

  2. ultimateredstone says:

    Now I’m thinking about getting this for creating instruments out of things
    like saxophone samples.. you could control a growl 100% and if you have
    several Serums open you could potentially even have full control over the
    instrument, with growls, squeaks, slides, whatever o.O well, even if that
    doesn’t work out this synth is amazing..

  3. mihajlom1k1 says:

    i got serum without the presets,can somebody help?

  4. TheGamezCorner says:

    where is the arppegiator on this synth? been looking for hours and hours

  5. Gabriel Toma says:

    The best VSTi ever made 

  6. rockstarforlife says:

    the only downfall of serum is the CPU usage, god dam it why cant it use
    less cpu so i can use alot more of serum

  7. Valorous Music Tutorials says:

    Wow, yeah, this thing is great! This is definitely on my eventually-to-get

  8. Grégoire Nowacki says:

    Your intro just scared the shit out of me haha. But this video was
    amaziiiing, gonna get this vst ASAP.

  9. 8dioproductions says:


  10. Submersed24 says:

    So many filters, why would you need them all? Also, what’s the purpose of
    using a synth eq when I could just use a dedicated eq or filter as an
    effect? Just less CPU usage? Will it sound better since it is affecting the
    sound waves in a different way?

  11. joeyxl3456 says:

    Mr Plugin Guru you mentioned that you’ll be making a tutorial for Serum. Is
    there an ETA on that?. If it costs a few bucks thats cool I’ll buy it.

  12. Paul David says:

    am in the only that thinks these sounds are sterile and a poke
    in the ear… could be good for some genres i guess?

  13. Rich Whitfield says:

    Great video. I really like yours and Seth’s presets. Definitely some of the
    better presets in the factory selection.

  14. DnB Soldier says:

    This synth is about to be crowned the world Reese bass champion of the
    world! Neuro music is about to get even better. I must purchase this
    ASAP. Looks like Massive is about to start collecting some dust.

  15. mohamedtowelhead says:

    Sounds a lot like Zebra, but without Zebra’s Sequencer and Gating.
    Maybe they include a sequencer in a update

  16. MattBowdlerMusic says:

    I’m only eight minutes in John and I’m already thinking this is synth is
    sexy as hell!

  17. Dark_Passenger_00 says:

    Bought it! Comparable to, if not better than Tone2’s Electra2 and $60 bucks

  18. Jeffrey G says:

    Too bad these program’s are so damn expensive, i have no problem buying
    stuff but 130$.. damn

  19. hollowbody57 says:

    How is the CPU hit compared to something like, say, Razor or Spire?

  20. naya ramirez says:

    can u drag the midi to piano roll?

  21. T4C says:

    Nice tutorial on how to use nerve which is an excellent drum machine.
    Although demonstrated using fruity loops it is fairly easy to understand
    how to set things up (Routing) with any DAW

  22. DjClimamusic says:

    Great video tutorial..thanks!

  23. 4iamu says:

    Does this have a song mode, similar to the one in Geist?

  24. Michael Polzin says:

    thanks. good introductory overview of the plugin

  25. Remy Zandbergen says:

    @luis joia, i understand what you mean. You make a drumkit with nerve and
    you want everything molded together to one pattern, which you can easily
    place in your FL Studio playlist. Well, it beats me as well and no one
    seems to have the correct answer, so i guess its not possible and you’ll
    have to find a way around to do it.

  26. mimoocho dom says:

    You sound like Gene Simmons from Kiss!

  27. Luis Joia says:

    very intressant but not dissolves my problem how i can send nerve pattern
    into fruity nerve chanell?

  28. RJen Miller says:

    Well in that case I am looking forward to your tutorials about it. Because
    they changed a lot compared with the previous one and there are still
    things I can’t find in battery 4 because they changed it. And I heard a lot
    of people complaining about it on forums so I think you will make a lot of
    people happy with these tutorials.

  29. Greg B says:

    You can change (program) your own beats and then re-arrange them into the
    A-L pattern banks. Create a beat (pattern) then start making changes in
    those banks. That’s what those are for. Then when you’re done making
    whatever changes you made, start the pattern then switch from bank to bank
    using your MIDI controller. It all depends on how you want to build the

  30. RJen Miller says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. I personally think there are some great things
    about nerve but I just don’t find it practical to use with. I use Battery
    as my drum sampler and still have not seen anything that can beat it. But
    there are some great ideas in nerve where I think, It would be great if
    battery would have that too. I also have the same thing about the Reaktor
    Drum machines/samplers. There are some great things in them. But they just
    don’t have that battery practicality unfortunately

  31. Greg B says:

    Ah, NOW I got it. (just re-read your comment) hehe At any rate, I have the
    newest version of Battery 4 and it’s been running fine.

  32. Greg B says:

    Okay, I think it’s time for me to really delve into then. And you’re right;
    the library is HUGE! Awesome sounds as well so, it’s time get busy! But,
    how come it doesn’t load in FL Studio anymore? Loads quickly with no
    problem for me.

  33. Greg B says:

    I hear what you’re saying and I have Battery as well but, I haven’t really
    played around with it enough yet. I’ll get to it though. And thanks for
    watching! 🙂

  34. Greg B says:

    Ha haaaaaa! I figured that out yesterday AND in Ableton as well.

  35. RJen Miller says:

    🙂 yep especially the searching for the right samples is fast and
    practical. You can also assign every single sample separate in an fl-studio
    mixer track. But it is a bit tricky to discover how you do that..

  36. Greg B says:

    (In a sarcastic manor) Gee, thanks for thwarting me into a Battery 4
    tutorial! lol j/k. 🙂 Well, either way, I’ll do my best…IF I do decide to
    do a tut. hehehe I just need some more time with it, fair enough?

  37. RJen Miller says:

    No I said, IF it would no longer work in fl-studio as a matter of speaking.
    (It does work in FL-studio thank god) I use Battery 3. But Battery 4 is now
    on the market and tried a cracked version of it. And I find Battery 3 runs
    more stable in FL-studio. I don’t know if updates will change that for
    Battery 4. But you might want to keep that in mind when you are going to
    check it out.

  38. Greg B says:

    Hey! I’ve been working with it A LOT yesterday and I must say…IT ROCKS!!!
    You were right. It blows Nerve to pieces. Tutorials on the way! :o)

  39. RJen Miller says:

    I really recommend it, most major producers use it too. From techno guys to
    Chris Liebing to Trance people like Kai Tracid. I have been a producer for
    almost 10 years and I work with FL-Studio. But if for what ever reason I
    could no longer load battery in FL. Then I would seriously start using
    something else just for battery! That is how much that program means to me.
    The Massive library of samples you get with it. Also really makes it your
    money’s worth.

  40. RJen Miller says:

    haha, But of course dude. Battery is really a deep and complicated program.
    It takes a while before you get the hang of it. If you encounter any
    problems or have any questions about it just ask.