Things I like About Bitwig

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  1. anderlex says:

    Try and push the level of a track to the limits and see what happens
    (drums)….. About 30 db+ with the help of the tool device. Compare the
    same with ableton. Enjoy the saturation vs digital clip.

  2. MrTehdingo says:

    The Looping feature is something that they have taken from Logic. I love
    how they took the best things from every program and made one monster

  3. SadowickProduction says:
  4. nickyke5123 says:

    It looks like Logic and Ableton had a child…
    But for god sake… how many times it gets compared to ‘Ableton’ in every

  5. johnnie nichols says:

    Wow!!! Bitwig completely ripped off studio one. Geez

  6. id1948 says:

    I like the things that you like too, but I have to add one that I like
    which is one that I hate about Ableton – Automation node snap-to-grid !!
    Hallelujah !!

  7. Kahlil Smith says:

    Are able to use you Ableton Push with Bitwig?

  8. Miss Controllerism says:

    there are too much negative things in bitwig it still in an embrional
    stage for me…
    important things missing in bitwig

    – can not warp a track like ableton
    – can not map every clip button fader etc.. like ableton
    -can not map keyboard buttons
    – not rewire reason possibility
    -can notu se multioutput with kontakt
    – crossafaders A.-B ^!
    – can not record into a clip THATS INSANE

  9. ingo mayengo says:

    my jomox09 din sync works again on ableton9 it runs out of sync

  10. alexkid1 says:

    You forgot the best one. That you can have midi and audio on the same

  11. lolmayonnaise says:

    I really want those first two to be patched in Ableton Live. That would be
    great thank you.

  12. hazybrain7 says:

    The ‘little-scale auto cc’ Max for live device (which is free) lets you
    send any midi control change to hardware synths etc. In fact it gives ya 8
    destinations per device, check it out…

  13. flyflyflyify says:

    What about the MIDI to Audio converting Feature?
    I really love that to see how I should continue about my Dynamics :)

  14. Daniel Sun says:

    This is one of the big problems with Bitwig, considering that is a new daw.

    In my case scenario i have a 32″ LED screen, bigwig has a huge items
    display, i can have double of tracks displayed in ableton due to zoom
    facility , furthermore, i can adapt it to any screen size.
    I would like to add up, even that ableton designing is a bit square, it is
    very clear and neat , if not i can adjust it with zoom till suit me. I
    think it is a big failure by bitwig, if bitwig would have independent zoom
    per display profile it will be a killer. Oh yes only 1 theme…. this is
    way i can not buy bitwig,

    In the example ableton can show double of tracks (more than 52) than
    biitwig 23 ,

    Ableton photo Ableton.jpg
    bitwig photo bitwig.jpg

    Do not get me wrong, there are good thing in bitwig……

    1. linear and mixer in the same display
    2. Editor per note
    3. Micropitch editing per note
    4. Layer Notes view/editing relationship notes
    5. Layer Clips view/editing
    6. Hybrid tracks
    7. Multiple Projects
    8. Plugins 32 and 64 bits
    9. Metadata
    10. Audition Level


    1. Track Folders
    2. Input Quantize
    3. Hot swapping for drum rack pads
    4. More flexible midi routing
    5. Better vertical track zooming
    6. “Snap to zero crossing” in the drum machine’s sample editor
    7. Groove extraction and groove quantize
    8. More than one color scheme for GUI
    9. Mutiple output support for vst’s, and
    10. A crossfader

  15. FancyCat1108 says:

    Really strong arguments to make the switch from Ableton. All the things
    that suck the most in Ableton, they do right. Love your videos as always.

  16. Brandon Goebel says:

    Very cool stuff. You’re a hard working man, and we all appreciate it!
    Can’t wait to get Bitwig myself. 

  17. SolidCake says:

    Love the way Bitwig handles your sample folders. Cant wait until you can
    use track groups/folders.

  18. Joris Boulet says:

    bitwig or reaper?

  19. ArmorKingEmir says:

    DAW of the devil