The Voice 2015 Caitlin Caporale – Live Playoffs: “Best Thing I Never Had”

The Voice 2015 Caitlin Caporale - Live Playoffs:

Caitlin Caporale looks to move on to the Top 12 with her take on Beyoncé’s “Best Thing I Never Had.” » Get The Voice Official App: » Subscribe to The Voice: http://full…



  1. fonsitopsn says:

    Can’t believe she’s out!

  2. Tyler Hannsz says:

    Can we just talk about how she sang Christina Aguilera AND Beyonce and
    sounded great on both of them?

    That’s not easy. 

  3. dailyannie says:

    Rooting for this girl all the way!!

  4. andres2157 says:

    OMG what a beast!, nothing else to say.

  5. YaoAYao says:

    This season has so many talented singers, it’s too early to saying or
    arguing who’s gonna win now.

  6. Tiago Is Alive says:

    If she leaves, I’m going to be really sad, she’s my favorite since the

  7. Ryan Shorter says:

    Y’all stop hating on Caitlin. She can sang! Some of y’all saying she’s a
    yeller, but you’re rooting for them one-tone, generic Swon Brothers type
    vocalists like their singing is bomb. You give this girl any song and
    she’ll knock it out of the park. Not everybody in this competition can do
    that *CoughSawyerCough*

  8. Tony Gerald says:

    I like Caitlin but don’t care for this song at all.

  9. Sarah Boden says:

    I really enjoyed this, so much better than Beth’s from last season

  10. Sparky Millen says:

    To be honest, I’m not sure what Pharrell would do…. He has to choose
    between Koryn and Caitlin and they’re very good singers and it’ll be

  11. Jon Doe says:

    She’s a great singer. However, her personality/charisma is sorely lacking
    in my opinion. I don’t believe her when I watch her performances. I’m not
    trying to be mean, just honest.

  12. Sara SunJoy says:

    She is the best in the competition for me.. ! 

  13. Mark Lim says:

    Okay, imo, she has great technique and flexibility with her voice.. But she
    lacks character. I don’t feel her soul… Maybe it’s only me though. Haha! 

  14. Matthew Kitson says:

    Good vocals, but she just doesn’t emote or connect at all with the song

  15. AustinLegendz says:

    Hmm… very good performance but she isn’t charting well :/

  16. TFord says:

    Can we PLEASE retire this song from singing competition shows? It’s a
    karaoke song, at best.

  17. heartattacklow says:

    I hate the song choice by Pharrell here. I wish he would’ve changed it up
    and gave her something different. Maybe something by Lauren Hill, just
    something old school. But I still love her though and hope she gets another
    chance in the top twelve!

  18. JMCNYC79 says:

    I re-watched Caitlin’s performance… I’ve watched it many times. Here’s my
    take on it and Caitlin: Emotion doesn’t mean screaming your head off and
    running around the stage. Caitlin is a vocalist. Celine Dion doesn’t run
    all over screaming!!! She stands and sings. Caitlin is a Dion, a Barbra
    Streisand, a Cass Elliot, a Karen Carpenter. She’s a pure vocalist! She
    sings from the heart and gives it her all. And personally, I felt like she
    had an adorable stage presence. She’s a sweet heart, she’s kind, she’s
    beautiful. Not everyone is loud and in your face. Whether she wins the
    voice or not Caitlin is going to be very successful. 

  19. Hien bul says:

    Her performance reminds me of Beth Spangler’s audition <3

  20. TheBatman777 says:

    Nice voice, but why did she never sing the title lyric of the song? Anyone
    think that was strange?

  21. duvy1234 says:

    Bland and lacking in character. She’s a lovely girl, but this has nothing
    unique to it whatsoever. 

  22. hamiz shafique says:

    Beth Spangler sounded better

  23. eidituda s says:

    She is an amazing singer. Honestly, her voice is so pleasant to listen to,
    I just think she’s not connecting to the songs she sings, I mean in her
    audition I felt something, but even when she sang warrior I thought she was
    a concrete statue just saying words. I hope she gets that feeling back, I
    love her thou.

  24. Worraluk T says:

    Team P: Sawyer, Mia by votes and Caitlin saved by P
    Team B: Meghan, …. Idk Corey maybe