The Petti Test Ep.3 Pt.1 – Using FM Synthesis to Create Mid-Range Bass – Skrillex, Kill the Noise

The Petti Test Ep.3 Pt.1 - Using FM Synthesis to Create Mid-Range Bass - Skrillex, Kill the Noise

More info – In this two-part episode of The Petti Test, Chris answers a popular request and tackles a particularly difficult area of sou…



  1. Esben Harding says:

    “They are not analog sounds, they are in fact FM sounds …” What is that
    supposed to mean? You can make FM synthesis with analog oscilliators as
    well as with digital.

  2. jrhager84 says:

    The unnecessary camera jib intro makes me raff every time. I love it!

  3. Mockingbirch says:

    This is a really, really well done video. I’m going to need to start
    messing with FM synthesis for moving basses, Malstrom is great but it can’t
    do everything :P

  4. Tom Heist says:

    Excellent tutorial

  5. Isaac J says:

    Great Tutorial, Thank you

    Great Intermission Also

  6. Very Frank says:

    Where I hear Chris nailed it was at 15:50… listen to :58 – 1:08, then
    slide to 15:50. I’d sure like to see this tut using FM8 and/or Massive,
    but I think you gave enough info for me to give it a go Chris. Thanks!

  7. DjFrostbyte says:

    13:13 dump truck backing up in background 

  8. James Taylor-Beeson says:

    I think he really gets the Skrillex sound at about 3:30

  9. ThigioBadoni says:

    kill the noise said he actually makes all the sounds with massive

  10. Dereck Dunn says:

    I could bring multiple different quotes (KDrew, Wolfgang Gartner, Krewalla,
    etc.) in here…but i’m just gonna use Skrillex’s comment on FM8. Most of
    there best bass sounds are FM8.
    “My two personal favourites are NI’s Massive and FM8. My best monster bass
    sounds have come from FM8. People think they all come from Massive, but
    most of the ones that kids online are trying to recreate in Massive are
    actually from FM8.”

  11. Dereck Dunn says:

    I agree that fm synthesis is difficult if your trying to create something
    specific. Personally I don’t use it that way. With FM sound design, for
    me, it’s all about exploration. I love sitting down with Fm8 and just
    chewing the hell out of it. You’ll very rarely come up with the same thing
    twice….and in my meager experience the sounds I create through
    experimentation in FM8 are more sonically interesting than the ones I
    create using traditional synthesis means. (i.e. going after a particular
    sound). For that reason I don’t try to create specific sounds in FM (unless
    it’s very simple) while I’m making a track. Instead I make creating sounds
    in FM an exploration and creative process all on its own. Sometimes i have
    a ballpark area of what i’m trying to go for…but usually along the way
    i’ll create 3 or 4 patches by accident that i like as well.

  12. 9D9NINJAS says:

    Thanks for the very informed lesson here, I like how you provide historical
    context when you explain how to apply these concepts. I am having a bit of
    trouble when I try to combine the equalizer to the second combinator in
    reason (around 18:00). Everything is fine until I perform this step, and
    then I have no sound. I just started using reason so I’m assuming I am
    missing something simple… anyone have any suggestions?

  13. Rusty Shackleford says:

    “dude, skrillex just pushes buttons and dials” 

  14. GEO2DOPE says:

    Only set of tutorials i can watch and not get board btw know its a bit late
    but great April fools jokes with the con[Trap]tion i was actually rolling
    on the ground when i heard the maybach music XD