Synths Of Chaos Massive VST PresetBank DEMO

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Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. melancholia_ says: it a virus ti2? ..i love it:)

  2. DJBenniboyOfficial says:

    8:15 dope Mario :), Wanna design zebra preset’s with me, Im serious?
    Message me SuperStar O

  3. DCZee Toon says:

    OK! I have watched this tutorial like a million times.
    I installed Massive 1.13 and Updated to 1.15.
    I recently purchased your presets – Dark Bangerz, Synths of Chaos & Nasty
    I went to Start > C Drive >User > My Documents > Native Instruments >
    Massive > My Sounds and dragged them there.

    I then went in Massive > File > Options > Add > Then I clicked on ReBuild.
    (On the PC, There is no Convert to KSD)….

    The little circle spun but when I tried to play the New Presets I
    purchased, it plays an unidentified sound.

    What am I doing wrong?

  4. neonseacow says:

    I like that intro, what’s the name?

  5. Elijah Jakes says:

    Should i buy it even tho i have a cracked version of Massive

  6. ThatTrapBoyHB says:

    I wanna make A beat now lol

  7. marcus thomas says:

    This bank was completely worth the money I highly recommend you go out and
    but it

  8. GangGreenent says:

    Hey bro! Your shits dope, we should do a calabo 

  9. Elijah Jakes says:

    To SuperStar O , I have a cracked version of massive 1.3.0 but version
    2.3.2 , will it still work if I buy this Preset Bank . Plz give feedback

  10. Kamalei uyehara says:

    A bro can I use massive and your kit on my cubasis mobile for ipad? If so
    could you do a vid? Thanks bro!

  11. vanfetten says:

    need to have that one

  12. vanfetten says:

    how is the beat called which comes up at the first second ?