Sylenth tutorial – Airy EDM Progressive House Pluck

Sylenth tutorial - Airy EDM Progressive House Pluck

For Sylenth tutorials Buy presets and courses Get discounts Sylenth is one of my go to synths for…
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  1. ADSR Sound Design & Synth Tutorials says:

    Sylenth is one of my go to synths for plucks. They just sound good and this
    airy Progressive House pluck in Sylenth1 is one of my favorites!

  2. Pootis Derpington says:

    Your name and intro are very clever xP

  3. MusicMixxer says:

    Can you make a tutorial on making sweet melodies like the one in the video?
    I know it’s not really related to sound design but it would be really
    sweet. By the way, great video and it helped me a ton.


  4. DJ MandM says:

    just wanted to say: you sir, have created the perfect tutorials. 1. preview
    in the beginning 2. awesome video and audio quality 3. step by step
    walkthrough with explanations 4. you can follow the tutorial by just
    listening and working with your vst in the foreground 6. i can comprehend
    the steps you do!
    thanks for being so awesome

  5. ELAsser LIFE says:

    Your a great teacher! lol

  6. Toni Barck says:

    Could you make a tutorial how to make clean sounding guitar ish pluck? Like
    the one heard in intro of Axwell / Ingrosso – Something New. Great

  7. Aaro Arvola says:

    Lovely tutorial!

  8. Joe Voss says:

    Throwing some appreciation your way, man. I share this channel every chance
    I get. 

  9. SteroidMusic says:

    I really have to say that you create the most effective and informative
    tutorials for stuff like that ^^( creating sounds with plug-ins etc) . I
    just love how you bring your knowledge to the people and I’m happy to be a
    subscriber! Keep it up!

  10. Ves cor says:

    I feel like adsr really is a hidden gem for producers, these videos are