Sylenth Soundbank-Free Download-(Thanks for 500 Sub)-By KiDynamic

KiDynamic-Productions~ ———————————————-READ!————————————– hey ,A free Sylenth Soundbank of 10 Presets ,Thanks For 500 Sub i mad this…



  1. E.Y. Beats says:

    wow you got 5 000 subs in 9 months ….. congrats man ;)

  2. futbol,musica y mas !! says:

    amigo no tengo el vtx como lo consigo ayuda porfa y me suscribo 

  3. Yoramo says:

    Hello, i’m very noob in this stuff, can somebody tell me:
    What is ”DAW”? 

  4. Alberto Ribeiro says:

    I’m getting only a blank file and not the installer…

  5. Telmo Gama says:

    Very nice, thank you.

  6. DV says:

    sylenth 1 or sylenth2?

  7. alancesarcuzoliveira says:

    good nice . thank .

  8. project07040 says:

    what skin u used for sylenth? i like it xD

  9. MushyMafia says:

    some people dont know how to install it plz shows us 

  10. Ezz123 says:

    Why hacked version?

  11. Jake S says:

    lmao all of the cracks

  12. Alvin The Chipmunk says:

    How much you make a month selling beats homie?

  13. DJBassTiJaneOfficial says:

    is this only for mac?

  14. Brandon Stewart says:

    dope as fuck out my song dope action

  15. michelle bontilao says:

    tnx mate..appreciated

  16. Young Cheik says:


  17. Kid Wicked says:

    Still can’t figure it out

  18. MrHARDSTYLEZNL says:

    v 2.211 or 2.21?????

  19. DJ NikolaZe2+ says:

    That ending song……………….DAAM

  20. Lugendo Tulla says:

    bro can U help me out with the setup which is not a demo version of
    sylenth!!!!! P’se mail me ol da way from East Africa much love 2 Ur work

  21. YoungBlaze Of Chitown says:

    dont know what im doing wrong but i thought it would be simple to load
    these presets of course my sylent doesnt look like yours, mines doesnt have
    a menu button its just a button that says about and parameter no menu

  22. DJ FOR THE GODZ says:


  23. dipset931 says: