[Studio Stream] Reason 7 Music Making

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  1. Fernando Perez says:

    yeak u should try to explain things better

  2. Arjan Lagendijk says:

    From Finland i would say *FINSPIRATIONAL* , Always nice to get some ideas
    for my own music

  3. Steven Sunjich says:

    Reason 7 is far better than those flimsy programs you other guys use, WAKE

  4. DubleO EEG says:

    2 hide cables is ”K” or ”L” ain’t used it in years but still remember a
    few key commands 

  5. Daniel Orr says:

    Mr. Sadowack if yo uwould like to play both the subtractor and malstrom at
    the same time in the combinator route both outputs into a utility 6 channel
    mixer the combinator plays all synths cv+gate as a standard function. this
    will allow you to play as many synths as you combined together. 

  6. ViceVersa Musik says:

    That kick sounds good!!

  7. DELO480 says:

    I get so happy when he finds neat things about Reason :)

  8. Oscar Delta says:

    Cant wait to get reason 7. I’m still on 5 FFS. Someone lend me some money.
    I,ll pay it back when my first album drops.

  9. Robin Bryant says:

    this is dope

  10. Eric Jansson says:

    you making a permanent switch to Reason 7!? :O

  11. Geräuschwerk Musik says:

    I started producing with Reason and I get the special appeal because of
    it’s looks and all, but after having switched to Live I find Reason’s
    workflow ridiculously cumbersome and restricting compared to Live.

  12. sp1200fanatic says:

    I didn’t really listen to the music, but the fact you’re making it…..I
    respect that

  13. Tronam says:

    There’s something mesmerizing about watching someone crash their way
    through Reason in realtime. I think we’ve all been here at some point,
    trying to write music for the first time in an alien environment. I’ve been
    on the opposite side of this fence, coming from Reason since v1.0 and
    feeling completely lost trying to use Ableton Live. It seemed so abstract
    and illogical at the time. It’s easy to take our experience for granted
    until starting from scratch in something new. As usual, keyboard shortcuts
    speed up workflow. A few I find essential:

    S – Toggle snap to grid on/off
    K – Hides all cables except for the active device
    CTRL+K – Quantize notes (CTRL+A then CTRL+K for example is a quick select
    all then quantize)
    F2 – Brings up spectrum analyzer/EQ anywhere you are
    F5/F6/F7 – Instant switching between rack, sequencer and mixer views.
    F8 – Tool window. Essential for most edit heavy lifting.
    CTRL+T – Create new track (just like Ableton)
    Q/W/E/R/T/Y – Switches between all the edit tools as shown in the sequencer
    window. Holding ALT temporarily toggles between two complementary tools

  14. graeme5475 says:

    Would love to watch this but get playback error everytime :(

  15. LATRONNIK says:

    now i get why deadmau5 was playing around with reason. rly fantastic DAW

  16. Vida Atomica says:

    this video and this dude sucks..!

  17. Chase McWilliams says:

    What the best free screenflow app for PC Windows 8.1? I have Cyberlink but
    it doesn’t show how……. Check out my reason touchscreen video.

  18. Jason McCulloch says:

    Dude I’ve been using Reason for about 2 years now and what you’ve picked up
    from it in the 3 short days you’ve been using it is amazing good sir. Keep
    Using reason and then I’d love to see a session where you Rewire it into

  19. SadowickProduction says:
  20. hoang dao says:

    i wonder if any one will watch a whole of this