[Studio Stream] Making A Main Room House Track

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Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. davidsegun says:

    i really hate the way you talk on the mic and you talk about stuff we don’t
    need to hear. just go on to the fucking point mate! 

  2. gooneybird808 says:

    haha he is really good at playing mgs though.

  3. Jake Butler says:

    Shit daddy got bank look at all that gear 

  4. Daniel Rojas says:

    learn how to play a real instrument :)

  5. Branko Gambiroza says:

    Can you just make your videos start when you are actually producing and not
    talking about some gaming or whatever?

  6. neosashi says:

    All that shit on his desk isn’t going to make Ableton sound good.

  7. Foneprod28 says:

    YOLO = You Only Live Once 

  8. Jose Castañeda says:

    fuck YOLO word or frase whatever… 

  9. scsp8rp says:

    if I keep listening to you and how boring you are i’m going to pass out .
    dude have some life in ya .

  10. Taelor Thake says:

    why’s everyone hating on him? not even a huge fan of big room house but I
    liked this track, and it has impressive production quality…

  11. H4NDCRAFTED says:

    This is beautifully aweful, it makes me want to hate music.

  12. DJ Speedy Beats says:

    Why is it called main room house it sounds like crappy electro house

  13. Jr De La Cruz says:

    1:08:00 New Order moment 

  14. Dries Van Loocke says:

    What equipment is he using when he is creating his synth/bass in 1:11:00?

  15. Bojan Vujasinovic says:

    If I could ask:in loop what exactly sounds do you using? Thank you very
    much. Your videos are very educative.best regards 

  16. OrdenedChaos says:

    Damn, I need a teacher like you in real life! Cool video, thanks for

  17. Reflex says:

    canada loves their pot.. haha

  18. RazRbeats says:

    your studio looks insane……

  19. Gumbo72203 says:

    So where is the final track? The loop at 1:07:00 is super sick, I want to
    hear that as a song. 

  20. Nathan Brummitt says:

    We always get things late in Canada, I’ve always noticed that,could be from
    regulations, testing for Canadian markets or they don’t know what kind of
    sales they will get from a product in the great white north. Either way a
    little silly but there must be a reason behind it, or yea they are just
    high haha

  21. CrazyStuff says:

    Which Midi Controller is that?

  22. Sandow Sinai says:

    I’ve noticed you almost always put a dip in your bass eqs right around 200
    hz or so, just above the bass range. is there are particular reason/purpose
    for that? sorry if this is kinda of a newb question

  23. Josh Henley says:

    57:00 Nice clean sounds 

  24. hingle mccringleberry says:

    Thanks for the upload. Where do you get those samples from? They’re awesome