[Studio Stream] Lets Remix Patrick Baker – Reckless Love Edition

[Studio Stream] Lets Remix Patrick Baker - Reckless Love Edition

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  1. Sameer Devgon says:

    Bro you are great inspiration. I love your remix series of videos.
    Please tell me where I can download this track?

  2. RockstahRolln says:

    I love how you created a groove using sampled percussion grooves. Could you
    do more vids on creating grooves like such? Thanks!

  3. Takaminelover25 says:

    Awesome one of your better remixes.

  4. SadowickProduction says:
  5. RockstahRolln says:

    *Sadowick, sorry… haven’t had my morning coffee yet.

  6. Christian Till says:

    Great Vids dude!

  7. Henric Helbro says:

    +SadowickProduction Dude. Is there any way I can buy this mix? This is

  8. RockstahRolln says:

    Thanks again for a terrific vid Sandowick!!

  9. J Stolarski says:

    My mix, of Reckless Love, got ripped off so much…One Soundcloud idiot
    almost used my entire mix in his song.
    It was the third mix I did, at that time, which I was able to do only
    because of SadowickProduction tutorials. He is a great teacher. Would have
    been courteous for these guys to have credited me, on all the remixes of my
    version. I listened to at least 4 remixes in which parts of my mix had been
    ripped. My sound quality wasn’t the greatest so I am still watching the
    tutorials and appreciating the hard work that goes into these tutorials.
    For the time being…I am literally so broke, I can’t afford to pass on
    anything, except these testimonials. Thank you.
    BTW…nice mix man…sounds nice…real good job…(ps: in the emails I
    sent to P.Baker, mentioning that he chose a semi-finalist that had ripped
    my entire song..his reply was he couldn’t hear how the guy ripped my
    mix…so he may be a little “off” :)…he is still ok, guess he had too
    many to listen to)

  10. Yasin Aydin says:

    Hey, at the beginning of these vids (or end) could you have a preview of
    the finished track

  11. Conor O'Neill says:

    can’t get over how great that guitar sounds with the bass

  12. Vibe Kat says:

    perfect videos! could you make a video on creating and modulating a nice
    deep house stab, including the chord structure, with a nice deep feeling in

  13. dockdrumming says:

    Cool. I love Breakfast Love also!

  14. Syntenix says:

    Great choice for remixing!

  15. Gary Sharman says:

    Any chance of uploading this remix anywhere? Prefer it to the original mix,
    just has a really great energy and feel to it.

  16. Brane Bart says: