[Stream Excerpt] Making A Tech-House Groove

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Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. Jasper Treffers says:

    I don’t like using loops but this has a great groove

  2. Germo Staalfeldt says:

    manage to tune samples , parts of loops to each other? Groove is good . 

  3. Brayan Aguilar says:

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
    Regards from Perù.

  4. Victor Manuel Enriquez Diaz says:

    OK. I should see your channel more again. Even though I’m not in the
    Ableton train

  5. Denis Karllinsky says:

    Make some Trap ;)

  6. Fre3 Fly says:

    Nice beat man!

  7. SadowickProduction says:
  8. William Wallace says:

    Sounds like Alesia’s music kinda :)

  9. Aysho Shamoun says:

    can you put the songs you make available to download?

  10. malek alame says:

    after building a groove like that , what is the next step that you do to
    build the track ? Thank You.

  11. R Williams says:

    do you save that as a preset then or keep it in a project for later use?

  12. jNewell89 says:

    sick groove is sick

  13. TOMMEEH2 says:

    Sounds like a Stefano Noferini track @ 12:52

  14. Barry EHM says:

    Cheers, keep it up. there is a reason you are about to outsub vespers..
    1000 to go Well done, It’s been inspiring, informative, down to earth and
    pretty funny at times. Kudos!

  15. DrewBeatz303 says:

    tech hau555! awsome thanks 

  16. fponce454545 says:

    can you give away the links to the beat download

  17. hikiwi says:

    Thaaaank youuu!

  18. Andy G says:

    And chance of an rp delay tutorial, used for 138-140 bpm trance, good
    plugin but strugglin to get to grips with it

  19. SideFlame says:

    Pls, deep house tutorials i beg