Sound Design Tutorial: Frequency Modulation Synthesis Using Native Instruments FM8

In this Sound Design video tutorial, Dubspot Instructor Evan Sutton explores basic frequency modulation synthesis. More info: Check out our channel page for more tutorials,…



  1. Benjamin K says:

    great tutorial!

  2. LavaViper says:

    Learned a few new tricks with this one! Thanks!

  3. Chromatrope says:

    I understood some bit of how FM synthesis works, but this tutorial made me
    go “oooooh, so THAT is how it works.”

  4. Rich Grudzinski says:


  5. pierpaolo spedicato says:

    Finalmente 🙂 una lezione approfondita su fm8 🙂 

  6. The King says:

    you are blowing my fucking mind sir

  7. deadwalker1234 says:

    Learned alot, thanks!