Sound Design Course @ Dubspot NYC, LA, Online – Course Preview & Student Testimonials

Sound Design Course @ Dubspot NYC, LA, Online - Course Preview & Student Testimonials

More info: In this video, Dubspot students talk about their experiences in our six-level Sound Design program which uses Native Instrume…
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  1. Tree Root says:

    i use live at an intermediate level and want to have my own signature
    sounds.should i take this course over the ableton live producer program or
    is ableton enough for advanced sound creation? thanks!

  2. CareyPortnoyBeauford says:

    im about to fininsh my degree in computer information systems. not sure
    what i want to do the rest of my life… ug this looks awesome.

  3. james sarris says:

    attending your NYC program soon =D cannot wait!!!

  4. Jon Conklin says:


  5. Drewbble says:

    Is there a head-phone decorating class too?

  6. Dubspot says:

    Contact admissions@dubspot[dot]com for more info. Thanks!

  7. Nathan Taylor says:

    omg i want to do that course!

  8. Dogboy73 says:

    What a fantastic course! I want in …… Shame I’m in Australia. Might
    have to come to over to the US just to do this 😉

  9. mrjaywilliams says:

    *to be able to design a sound..

  10. Daniel Clifton says:

    I’ve got the same problem 🙁

  11. Elliot Kolatowicz says:

    You guys are awesome 🙁 I wish that there was something like this in
    Australia! You guys are great

  12. Dubspot says:

    We look forward to having you!

  13. Aymen Hamdi says:

    im from tunisia i went ask you

  14. Andre Blunt says:

    I have the most recent komplete and everything works and is great except
    battery wont show up in my daw (live). its on my comp (macbook pro) as an
    app, and opens as a standalone app. seems as if there was no .vst when
    installed it? could using a wrapper help this

  15. Drewbble says:

    That was a compliment, btw. They distracted me in a Mondrian kind of a way;
    squinting then nodding, then squinting again…. if your mom’s
    confectionaries are included in the fee, then I might consider signing up.