Simple Serum #29 – Stopping Clicks and Pops

Simple Serum’s are small tips to help you get most the most out of Xfer Record’s new synth Serum. Simple Serum #29 – Stopping Clicks and Pops In this Simple …
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Serum in Depth is a series focused on more advanced sound design and synthesis theory for Xfer Records new Wavetable Synthesizer – Serum. Serum in Depth #17 …
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  1. ryacky says:

    Thanks for the tips. Unfortunately, neither of these solutions are working
    for me. I’m not using the multi band compressor and even when I turn off
    the “Limit Polyphony” and extend the release, it still has clicks. I
    outlined my problem in the Serum forum on the clicks post. It also
    includes a link to zippy share with everything you’d need to recreate the
    problem I’m having. Mind taking a look at that for me? Thanks again.
    Very nice of you to take your time to make these videos.´╗┐

  2. Russell Lewis says:

    you can bring in a single cycle use the constant pitch method rather than
    frames ´╗┐