Sick Sound Design #1 – Deep and Future House With Serum

Sick Sound Design is a series focused on in-depth sound design tutorials. We’ll show you how to make modern sounds, using modern equipment and how to get hig…



  1. Zero Music says:

    Just bought the pack, and I have to say that it is GREAT value for money!
    I’m british so i’m paying in GBP and 20p a preset is not only a brilliant
    deal but the amount of extra work in there too, alongside all the waves
    forms and ableton templates you’ve got is brilliant.

    Keep up the good work, I look forward to your next pack

  2. ThatGuyWhoAteYourDog says:

    Cool sounds, but the video would be easier to watch if it were more
    concise; there was a lot of unnecessary footage and dialogue (e.g. the
    parts where you check the manual could’ve been cut out to reduce video
    length and better keep the attention of viewers).

  3. StereogasmSounds says:

    One of the best sound design videos I’ve ever seen! Thanks! Subscribed!

  4. DeephouseM2 says:

    Sick Sound Design #1 – Deep and Future House With Serum
    #futurehouse #deephouse #ableton #tutorial

  5. Kris H says:

    this is great guys. thanks!

  6. BiteMePromotions says:

    Very nice and well explained! thank you ! cant wait for more !