Setting up your audio interface or soundcard in FL Studio

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  1. GamerDisciple says:

    My interface doesn’t show up under ASIO, only Direct Sound Devices.. any

  2. Darker Days says:

    Omg what a waste of time

  3. amazingfantasy66 says:

    I set everything up fine. Program picks up sound from interface perfectly
    but after i record the program glitches and a horrible buzz keeps
    playing… wtf gives?! help please….

  4. Maarten Slebos - Producer says:

    Mine doesn’t show up under the asio drivers

  5. almog lahav says:

    not helpful at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  6. stickysteevohhh says:

    how do you get your focusrite 2i4 to show up in the devices for asio ?

  7. LouieThe Rapper says:

    will it work with alesis io2 interface?

  8. samba jaiteh says:

    what is the name of the interface

  9. William Fletcher says:

    Hi, were you able to get this worked out? Let me know, if not I will try to
    help. It may be a driver issue.

  10. William Fletcher says:

    It depends on the audio interface you are using.

  11. nastyninjata says:

    When i select Asio4all i still have a problems. Can u help me?

  12. Mihai Coman says:

    Intro music is TOO LOUD, your voice is too quiet.

  13. nastyninjata says:

    I”m with Fl10 and whe i select Asio 4 all i still have a problem. I have
    4Gb ram and middle class computer