Serum in Depth #39 – Universal Presets in Serum

Serum in Depth is a series focused on more advanced sound design and synthesis theory for Xfer Records new Wavetable Synthesizer – Serum. Serum in Depth #39 …



  1. joeyxl3456 says:

    this guy rules. who makes an in depth tutorial like this and just goes out
    and posts it on youtube without trying to shill. great stuff.

  2. jon crystal says:


    Another really great tutorial….please keep up the good work!

  3. OoskullkidOo says:

    hey do you have 7skies wavetables by any chance? i don’t have them and i
    need them for certain presets i have 

  4. Aaron Lewis says:

    Where can I buy your wave table pack?