Serum in Depth #1 – Unison and Supersaws at a Glance

Serum in Depth is a series focused on more advanced sound design and synthesis theory for Xfer Records new Wavetable Synthesizer – Serum. Serum in Depth #1 -…



  1. pcpaulius says:

    6:24 can’t remember for sure but Dune2 must also give you a visual feedback
    when detuning and various detune curves.

  2. shaun0927 says:

    Yeah, JP6K is also awsome VSTI for Supersaw.
    Simple, Visualized features and Rich presets.

  3. joeyxl3456 says:

    this is a great series. ill watch them all. thank you man.

  4. Nuno Sangsu Kim says:

    great help, but there is some gap between ur voice and sound of serum.
    serum’s one is so loud :)

  5. Zero2Dj says:

    Great video.
    The Virus Ti Hypersaw does allow you to visualise the detune parameter but
    I don’t think it lets you adjust the detune type or blend the way serum
    does. Not a correction by any means, just thought I’d chuck that in there
    as I figured you would be interested consider the impressive depth you’ve
    gone into here. Keep up the awesome work!

  6. Phil Marrions says:

    amazing video. very informative

  7. RobotHippy says:

    Solid, applicable information with an easy to follow presentation. Great
    job with the series.

  8. Julian Mo says:

    thanks a lot for all the serum videos, great help!!

  9. Chris Lexor says:

    Adam Szabo’s JP6K VSTi – let’s you visualize the detune + spread also!

    You should stay in more…..(as opposed to – “get out of the house more”)

    Adam Szabo JP6K Vs Roland JP8080

    It’s one of the main GUI features…..

    However – it’s made with SynthMaker (I think)….and it only does the
    SuperSaw sound..

  10. Dan Nguyen says:

    that was cool, you and duda and alex shore must be pioneers and on the
    leading fore-front on all this , i wish i had questions but that was pretty
    clear and well-explained

  11. Dan Nguyen says:

    classic magic number for voices is 7 wowowowow i actually believe that, 8
    voices is overwhelming, 4-5 sounds nice too – 6 feels weak, you’re on to
    something here with the selection