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[Studio Stream] Making A Melodic Progressive House Track Start To Finish

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  1. Mr. Sickly says:

    Virtual Riot is the Cubase guy ^-^

  2. Compl3xProductions says:

    in total how many years of experience do you have

  3. purexed says:

    I’d give my right arm if you did a video with Joe Ford or Emperor

  4. sven wever says:

    Come on…. maximus VS ozone5??? Ozone makes maximus a joke IMHO.
    harmonic exiting ,mid/side options, transient recovery, stereo field…
    much more.

  5. Viktor Rose says:

    Ozone 5 have transient recovery – maximus do not. And harmonic exiting and
    advanced mid/side options.

  6. Inzomniac says:

    This conversation was cool. I had this playing in the background while

  7. Solar Heavy says:

    Pretty cool convo, I just started a twitch myself from seeing sadowick
    producing there!

  8. Moses says:

    So boring…They should of collab’d it would of been interesting to watch

  9. DJ Zeal says:

    You say you’re seamless, but your clothing clearly has seams.

  10. ARTFX STUDIOS says:

    Good video again, it’s nice hearing your views on the current YouTube and
    Twitch platform, me being in the same boat as you and Sadowick. Question to
    you: “How hard is it for you to keep on going with creating original
    content and videos?”

  11. My Stoner Mind says:

    *16:00* I know which tutorials you’re talking about 😉

    *17:50* I know how that feels.

  12. UrbanLikwid says:

    Daft Punk’s entire 2007 tour was ran off Ableton thats when I first heard
    of it.

  13. capvawgenc says:

    Unhide your GTA videos!!

  14. djdz999 says:

    Fl studio has a really messy interface, moved on to ableton a few years ago
    and never looked back. Once you get used to switching between the
    arrangement and session views, it just makes so much more sence (even
    better with dual monitors). Ableton is so easy to record guitar and start
    jamming straight away. Though i really miss the ctrl+u shortcut from fruity
    :b Great interview guys.

  15. Adam Taylor says:

    Awesome dude! Been too lazy to learn ableton! Got Ableton Lite 9 with my
    launchpad and have only used it for that but gonna watch all your videos
    and get learning 🙂 Watching you put this track together has motivated me!
    Thank you! keep it up!

  16. Mujibar010 says:

    Sadowick, could you do a tutorial on how to make that synth lead in a
    different Synth?

  17. Niall Edmonds says:

    Tits on the EQ haha

  18. Krzysztof Kardaś says:

    get lucky chords ;d !!!

  19. Décio Arruda says:

    That’s really not an idea, I’ve heard it before.

  20. Sat Ellite says:

    man u rock ! 

  21. Haidan Mcculloch says:

    that melody is just pure awesomeness

  22. Jeane Adix says:

    No trumpets bro…noooo trumpets, im a trumpet bigot

  23. Alex Villalobos says:

    requires the purchased version of ableton or the demo?

  24. Devin Taylor says:

    This reminds me of Get Lucky

  25. Athenus Music says:

    I really enjoy your music and especially your videos, which teach me
    something new every time. Every time I watch, I drool a little about the
    extensive Plug-in and Sample Pack folders you’ve got. If it isn’t too much
    trouble, would you mind telling me which ones you use and which ones are
    your favorite?

  26. El Gun Legro says:

    Was this use to make Paris Hilton “Come Alive”. I was just watching your
    tutorial and the first part sounds so identical.

  27. Chris F says:

    dude, you are hilarious. lol

    Thanks for the laughs and the knowledge. 

  28. Bobbye Turner says:

    yes for sure 32 bit. I had no idea that ALL my plugins would not work. And
    yes, you can use a wrapper, but takes for ever to convert and is buggy.