Rise of the Bedroom Producer – A Dance Music Documentary 2011

Rise of the Bedroom Producer – A Dance Music Documentary 2011 Directed & Produced by Mo Taha © Mota Productions 2011 Rise of the Bedroom Producer is a short …
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In this video, I explain the #1 tip that has helped me to progress my overall music production – from the mixing, arranging, and overall sound quality. Downl…
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. jtpinnyc says:

    I think a lot of kids don’t realize how much work goes into writing and
    producing a commercial track – it’s not just a matter of throwing together
    some loops and making a couple of “rises” or whatever other cliched
    terminology they’ve picked up. First of all, the mixing part is 80% of the
    difficulty in making a track. For that you have to have professional
    quality studio monitors in a room that’s been acoustically treated,
    otherwise you’re going to end up with a track that sounds good in your
    bedroom but utter crap everywhere else. Same thing with mixing on
    headphones, you just end up with a track that sounds good on your
    headphones but crap on other people’s systems. And the mastering part –
    again, this is something that has to be done under professional listening
    conditions if you want your track to have that pro “sheen” that’ll qualify
    it for radio/club play. Mixing is a skill that takes years to develop,
    there is so much to learn not only technically but also listening skills as
    well. That’s not to mention the whole area of DAW’s and how they work,
    effects plugins and the complicated business of sound synthesis. If you
    want to master this stuff then there’s years of study and practice ahead of
    you. If you’re prepared to put in as much effort as you would into getting
    a degree then it’s one of the most rewarding pursuits. 

  2. Nosmo King says:

    guy who has been making tunes for a year: ‘yeah when i first started…’
    hes still just starting ffs. why are these people even being interviewed???
    stupid ‘documentary’

  3. Matt Greer says:

    Don’t know if the music in this vid is from the guys in the vid but if so,
    not hearing anything fresh and new here. Tech step, dark step, jump up…
    all that. It was all passe by 1997. Gosh almighty, we’re talking almost
    20 years later and DnB is still pretty much the same? Basically an entire
    genre of music spawned from the remix of a single break anyway (which the
    break came from a remake of another song, haha). Don’t get me wrong, I’ve
    certainly had my love affair with DnB, Jungle (or even “hardcore breaks” as
    we called it back in the day). I’ve even produced a few albums worth of it
    myself but my word, it sounds tired to my ears now.

  4. konjunktion26 says:

    its so frustrating really because i do so much electronic music production
    but i get no reactions at all for my wicked 1.200+ electronic music
    compositions on my youtube channel so i probably will stop composing and
    producing music because ignorance is all you get on internet if you produce
    music. you just get attention if you are some girl in a short dress with
    big breasts and a ass that has enough space for 2 cars, but if you produce
    like a crazy horse 2 weeks on one single track and you got already over
    6.000 tracks on your laptop that you composed, there should be some
    frustration, if you still got nobody thats listening to you or calling your
    music silly bullshit, while lady gaga and justin bieber get millions and
    millions and more millions of views and dollars for their bullshit.

  5. LAHegarty says:


  6. hevquip says:

    I’m a bedroom producer too, but for porn instead.

    Because it actually pays and people don’t complain when the rhythm and
    timing is off.

  7. cl poster says:

    where are they now?

  8. warius1 says:

    It goes on and on and on about the importance of internet. In 2011. NO SHIT

  9. ddnbbudy says:

    who is the first song by? 

  10. Bruce Wayne says:

    0:57 FL STUDIO!!! yay

  11. Fuzzo Frizzbeebot says:

    I record my pooping noise 24 bit 96kz with side chain compression
    I am among the new wave of bathroom producers
    It is just me for right now
    don’t go in there, I am saying there is funk and there is da funk
    Is what I am saying

  12. Gotham Star says:

    That’s why I took up writing my own music…..love the flexibility & vast

  13. Jasper says:

    lol, ‘forgein concept’ is a tard

  14. clive saunders says:

    putting together loops and say your a producer fuck off!

  15. shook one says:

    ok your main point about referencing tracks was great but you could have
    worded it all differently haha 

  16. Richard Davis says:

    Man I have been looking for a video like this forever. I have been
    listening to music and analyzing music but I would try and analyze
    everything that I listen to which would take time away from actually
    producing. the gold in this video is to only analyze the songs that move
    you. Thanks so much man you are a life saver. your words are appreciated. 

  17. Daniel Guzman says:

    Nice Vid . Thamks

  18. Robert Lewandowski says:

    Everything you said is on point, I’ve been learning how to make beats for
    about 3 months and I’ve still got quite a bit to learn before I am ready to
    make good beats. I’ve been listening to Taz Taylor and Saru beats, they
    have the sort of music which I’m interested in and I spend a lot of time
    analysing what they do in the beats to make them so catchy and I try see
    find out how they structure their beats.

    I’ve also been learning how to mix and trying to see how other tunes are
    mixed, to see what stands out more, although it ‘s up to you what you want
    to be heard more, imo.

  19. CNOTE HeinousBeatz says:

    Appreciate the tips solid advice. I recently started reference a lot going
    back to why I fell in love.

  20. TenguBeats says:

    That’s a good tip on listening to HQ music. i used to listen to my mix, and
    then switch to like a dilated beat and just go back and forth and make sure
    my mix sounds as good as theirs. Listening Objectively separating the
    stems in your mind. Good stuff homie.

  21. Skynny | DTM Beatz says:

    Great info travis as always. This same idea of really digging in is what
    really helped me create some of the styles i use now. Find those tracks
    that really move you. Disect them. And try and remake it a few times. By
    the third time i usually get it down. Thanks for the tips. 

  22. Travis Cole says:

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    overall music production – from the mixing, arranging, and overall sound

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  23. louderthanabomb says:

    Maaaan, I”m gonna go back and listen to some Jodeci now. lol Great video
    as always

  24. RawkSolid Productions says:

    great videos brother. we’ve been playing live music as well as producing in
    the studio for years as well and you give even seasoned pros some new
    ideas. dig it! would love to collab!

  25. Nyma Bakhshayesh says:

    Good info. Thanks.