Riplace Textur Project BOM in Pointblank Online

Gan ane bukan cheater dan gag ada mksd apapun ane cuma ngasih tutor agar bagi kalian yang bosen liat tampilan PB itu ada fariasi nya :v tapi terserah sih itu…
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Ableton Live - Structural Analysis - Danny J Lewis

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  1. Nur Rifqi Alhusaini says:

    Dangdutan Om
    Nur Rifqi Alhusaini { FB }

  2. Muhamad Abizar says:

    Nice Banget! Coba Bikin Lgi :v

  3. Herry Setiawan says:

    lebih baik di gunakan seperti fitur ini dari pda di buat yh setidak” dan
    merugikan player lain nice

  4. Gaudence Tesha says:

    This is really helpful for someone practice on arrangement view on ableton

  5. TheaOchiMati says:

    This is really helpful

  6. HUBA BUBA says:

    I love that song!

  7. BlueJamRec says:

    Hi Danny, first of all a big thank you for all your great tutorials! You
    helped me a lot. I work with Cubase 7 and just bought Ableton 9. You could
    help me to make Live the DAW of choice for me. I only have to fix one
    problem. The timeline and click don´t sit on the grid only with ‘Delay
    Compensation’ deactivated. In all your Live Vid´s I see in arrangement view
    that all is working well. Could you help and give me any advice to fix it?
    You would make my day. Have a big THANK YOU!

  8. sousasamm says:

    looking good looking good!!! thanks mate!!

  9. Jon Sloan says:

    Hey Danny, really useful to post stuff like this. Very helpful as
    arrangement – from the point of view of energy flow – is one of the harder
    things to get really right.

  10. Charles K says:

    Boppin my head through the whole of this video great stuff DJL