Resident Evil: Down With the Sickness

Resident Evil: Down With the Sickness

How we dealt with the zombie apocalypse. The answer is: Not well. This video was on our site originally, but this is the first time we could put it up on YouTube! Enjoy! Special…
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. Michael Smith says:

    Was that suppose to be a charger

  2. Kristian Madsen says:

    why does the sexy girl allways die!? i hate it :C

    came here for Leeanna vamp :D

  3. Thomas Hackett says:

    I love the Pulp Fiction reference. “Fred’s dead baby. Fred’s dead.” 

  4. Tombwolf says:

    “There’s no things that go bump in the night.” Lel. Dead island reference.

  5. Bob Joe says:

    If Freddie can’t be the main hero, he’s gotta be the boss fight

  6. BestEpEdits says:

    why is there always a bad ending?

  7. tan oanhdang says:
  8. yugioh bro says:

    The law showing off his fps skills

  9. BowGunner says:

    Well, she just turned into Lara Croft huh, why not…

  10. Hendrix Power says:

    Why does Freddie die first?

  11. John Brooks says:

    My name is ethan

  12. Ziaur Chowdhury says:

    Why was Freddie the one who died first

  13. bluejokerwm says:

    lets face it if a zombi virus where to ever happen it wouldent last but a
    week the most eveyones seen the movies and everyone has guns some even have
    granage launchers and 50 cals so yea just think about it

  14. Tiny says:

    the swaped the actors out after the bomb

  15. Jax Dallas says:

    This is better than all the resident evil movies combined! 

  16. QuirkyPenguins Studios says:

    Wish they made a BTS for this :(

  17. rj javellana says:

    freddie doesnt believe that there are zombies

  18. Devin Wong says:

    Why Freddie playing minecraft ?

  19. Lisa Maddox says:

    It’s Games Dean!

  20. Geoff Allen says:

    That was the darkest video from Freddie yet jeezeee XD GORY MUCH

  21. Ethan Bautista says:

    Where’s Leon and Claire when u need em