Redfoo – Let’s Get Ridiculous (LFRK Remix) Live from XS Las Vegas. A lil Ratchet Remix of LGR to get freaky and twerk your ass too. Thanks to LFRK for the remix and Anthony Chirco for making the…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Lets Remix - Daft Punk Get Lucky Ableton Live Project File Download

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Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. TheWinterDrake says:

    So this remix took a great song and made it sub-par trap, plus added scores
    of shitty misogynistic/racist lyrics. Great.

  2. Codyn Coppler says:

    I loved the gril 🙂 


    Good Video Homie!!Saludos Desde México!!

  4. Jarno Depaepe says:

    i love you refoo

  5. Sakis Alysandratos says:

    γιατι δεν παιζουν τα βιντεο σε μενα?

  6. חופשה מהמיק™ says:

    I love you Redfoo!!!!!!!

  7. Berrin Derindag says:

    fuck me and you and we

  8. DJ_Rogah says:

    we need more booty!

  9. 林幸运's 反恐行动Channel says:

    Is this remix song non-copyrighted? :)

  10. IRAN MEDEROS gonzales says:


  11. Kristin Greene says:

    Best remix of this song..duno why people hate

  12. Pablo Vazquez says:

    No pos están chicas las morrita

  13. claire austin says:

    Wen I find you let’s go party

  14. geNo meNoid says:

    You say that people never should claim that anything belongs to them when
    it does not, but you NEVER said that Nightshine is made by DiscoDSP nor
    redirect us to their website without going to yours.
    And to all people downloading it, there is NOT a Mac version, and it has to
    be saved at your VST’s folder, for PC owners. 

  15. Srdjan Milutinovic says:

    where can i download it

  16. CraigInglis says:

    Great work dude!

  17. SadowickProduction says:
  18. werker93 says:

    Congrats dude, youve earned it 🙂

  19. Christopher Borhani says:

    Fantastic work! Thank you.

  20. gijshenk2 says:

    is there a reason why you sidechain with volume automation insteed of the
    ableton compressor sidechain?

  21. Conor O'Neill says:

    congrats =)

  22. DJYogaFlame says:

    do you do any help with finishing a track for a cost? i really need help
    with my first ep release but have tracks that are near completion but i
    have structure issues.. soundcloudcomhotelkingpinakayogaflame please review
    tracks i have? thanks

  23. Gummmibaer says:

    daaamn just have live 8 :'(

  24. FunkyMonkeyMachine says:

    Will there eventually be a forum on the website?

  25. aj Weigand says:

    So this won’t work with ableton 8?

  26. randomrandom15 says:

    for some reason when i go to download nightshine it only downloads a file
    called “download” that i can’t open with any app. am i stupid?

  27. schaapje boe says:

    Sounds very clean. Great to see you sharing your work. And ofcourse thank
    you for your effort.

  28. gijshenk2 says:

    thanks man, you’re great 😉

  29. benjiferrero says:

    Good stuff! Have you ever played with Renoise (tracker based)? It’d be cool
    to see some decent tutorials for that too.

  30. SadowickProduction says:

    there are better forums out there. They are too spammy and hard to
    maintain. plus it would be somewhat of a website hog and a bitch for me to
    intigrate. The good content will be at the top of the pages =3

  31. Mid City says:

    Do u have a SC?

  32. gogo chi says:

    Is it normal that i can’t get nightshine VST to work on a Ableton 9 64 bit ?