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  1. joserendon says:

    This is the kind of Plug In that kills all the creativity in a producer on
    a sound design level, or better said, this is for lazy and non creative
    producers. If you want to be a great producer and separate yourself from
    the rest, Start learning Synthesis and program your own sounds. Be Creative
    no just a poser. 

  2. Warren Little says:

    dat remake sounds like shit yo originals def better

  3. ebeatz1234 says:

    Will it work in reason 8

  4. THERoryBreakerATL says:

    Hey bro will you guys should consider contacting propellerhead and making
    some Rack Exstensions out of your VST’s. I am a reason user and I love
    your refill packs I think getting these into RE format would really boost
    your exposure and also make your products future proof in the RE format
    with Propellerhead. Keep up the good work my dude.

  5. mellow step says:

    So simple I hope there’s a demo versin

  6. arpodyssey1 says:

    not free..

  7. Mike Milly says:

    Good job… Making money off of posers, making it even EASIER to
    oversaturate and ruin hip hop production

  8. Darryl Carter says:

    Need more reason combinators

  9. Willie Rice says:

    When Got 100 beats to put every week you don’t have time to be making sound
    and shit….

  10. Shahin .Djihad says:


  11. Enrique Navarro says:

    what is the daw??

  12. RamboUnchained says:

    I followed the settings to a T, but I don’t get the same arp. Just a bunch
    of stabs. Sounds gross…

  13. Ricky Holland says:

    Can you use this on PT as a VST?

  14. SluggSquad says:

    i cant get it to find the instuments even if there in the same folder as
    the dll

  15. jordan espinoza says:

    So Kirnu comes with raptor?

  16. MistȜr Grinch says:

    How’s the CPU usage with that VSTi when you’re running a few instances?
    Also is it x86 or x64?

  17. Theproducakid Henry says:

    nasty right there

  18. jay shotz says:

    They always have the perfect urban sounds to give you that radio hit sound,
    so with that being said I can say that these guys have never failed me.
    Raptor is a must have if you don’t already!

  19. Locutz M says:

    I looked at the overall size of this program and it’s huge yo

  20. Jesse Batayeh says:

    she will was dope. Definitely adding this to my sounds thanks for the vid