Producing Deep House Start To Finish – Ableton live 9 & Zenhiser Blissed Out Deep House

Producing Deep House Start To Finish - Ableton live 9 & Zenhiser Blissed Out Deep House

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  1. lllJoseLuislll says:

    Yes he used samples. So what? Give him a break he’s trying to teach some
    stuff to the newcommer producers

  2. PoPeYeBIGBOSS says:

    you should do tracks just using abletons built in stuff instead of using
    third party plug-ins and not use any loops.

  3. John Goldenarm says:

    if you listen to 80`s songs from different country`s you will hear the
    Cover tracks of MJ or … etc they`re so many that did that and sang in a
    different language. doesnt mather if you use someone else`s samples. is the
    way you do. 

  4. Skoben2000 says:

    All, Listen. Whether using a sample or not, This is still music
    creativity. When you can take something and grow upon it, this is still
    creativity. Think if it like this…if you are in the sciences, then you
    build upon past scientists work. Copy, build, take it in new
    directions..etc. If scientists didn’t, we would not be where we are
    today. They take past works and build upon it. Secondly, Take the “AMEN
    BREAK” in drums (From the Winstons – Amen brother); If so many people
    didn’t copy and sample it, then we would NOT have the genres today that we
    have. This “Break” is the creation of so many new forms of music. If you
    are not a fan of samples, then use samples for inspiration. The Amen Break
    was only 6 seconds long. Now many genres exist because of it. Perhaps
    more importantly, though, the evolution of Breakbeat and Jungle, techstep,
    artcore, 2-step and drum ‘ n’ bass – among many others, are accredited to
    these 6 sec. of a drum break. Indeed, an entire culture arose from a 1969
    break as a sample.
    Find a little area you like. let it inspire you. You don’t have to use
    the sample from sample packs. But a small section of one sample could allow
    you to create a great dance hit that can be produced. Lastly, if you are a
    musician…a true musician, then you learn to appreaciate all forms of
    genres and creativity, techniques and methods. you don’t have to LIKE
    them…but you are NOT a musician if you do not at least APPRECIATE! To
    flat out say…”This sucks” to music or song you don’t like….get off of
    your DAW! Please…some real musician wants to use it! Learn to
    appreciate folks! 🙂 Happy music creating!


    I enjoy your tutorials but do you always use sample packs?, I don’t
    understand how people can use loops and feel satisfied with the outcome. I
    personally wouldn’t feel like it is my music at all. 

  6. MrLeePickett says:

    Why do you always use samples. It would be nice to see you do synthis side
    of things for a change

  7. nanonaut1 says:

    thank you! 🙂 p.s. I tried to send money to you but it came back to me! LOL

  8. Дмитрий Куликов says:

    Thank you! 

  9. Fibonacci says:

    Some people put to much emphasis on how the music is made. Who cares? The
    end result is all that matters

  10. Daniel Halbrooks says:

    Don’t listen to these haters that don’t understand what they are talking
    about. Good work

  11. IsWeOnTheDvd says:

    What you do is a work if art. What I would love to see you add to your
    videos is either at the beginning or at the end, you play the finished
    track from start to finish so your followers can enjoy the finished product
    as well as enjoy the making of! Thanks for sharing your great talent. 

  12. Dalton Barry says:

    watched 10 mins and realized this is essentially assembling samples,
    playing with filters and volumes, not really helping anyone who wants to

  13. Kris H says:

    this was really great man! appreciate the tutorial.

  14. Bobby Fohrenbach says:

    Insanely good workflow

  15. Joey H says:

    How do you get the logarithmic automation curve?

  16. Arthur Gudu says:

    Love the tutorial….Thank you so much…

  17. DjLiam Dunning says:

    Brilliant tutorial man. It’s reassuring that being self taught and learning
    things by trial and error, I build things up in pretty much the same way
    you (who obviously know more about what you’re doing) do. Plus there’s some
    really handy stuff in here I didn’t know how to do. Thanks!!

  18. MrGogocad says:

    Thanks mate. Another great one. Keep them coming and have fun :)

  19. cody hill says:

    actually minimal house is the easiest to make because its basically all
    percussion, and deep house is called “deep” because its supposed to have a
    lot of deep feelings embedded in the music. like soulful lyrics and stuff.
    just fyi

  20. 0NESIXTY says:

    I learned some stuff here but can’t help myself saying this, at least come
    up with your own notes and patterns this is just BS. When people listen to
    your track and they say “wow nice baseline”, and you be like “yeah took it
    from a loop pack”. wtf?