Producer Hit Kits – How to make a trap beat Get the project file, the drum kit, 7 page beat report, mixed and unmixed WAV’s, all channel settings and mix s…

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  1. Steve Dobson says:

    Fine training!! Try to find beat generals on youtube they’ve got more
    awesome fruity loops help.

  2. Mick Mack says:

    Immensely helpful. Thanks.

  3. Sito Rodriguez says:

    :O 18 insert? how do you do this?? plis!

  4. graczmisiek says:

    You’re calling channels “tacks” and that’s wrong!

  5. luke clark says:

    thankyou. Good pace to this tutorial btw, it was easy to follow

  6. manson754 says:

    How do you take one out ? i put fl keys in master by accident how do i put
    back to normal?

  7. Kevin A.Mathew says:

    Is there a way to undo this?

  8. hari om says:

    thanks man God bless u

  9. Beninu Andersen says:

    You are confused. You are talking about adding CHANNELS to the mixer NOT
    TRACKS!! Tracks are what you find in the playlist. Channels are what you
    find in the Step Sequencer. Get your facts straight if you want to make a
    tutorial, please! This is a waste of time. I actually came to see if there
    was a different assigning method for tracks in stead of channels, and I was
    mislead by your title to believe that your video was exactly about that.
    Obviously it wasn’t! DUH!

  10. Alexanderrox2010 says:

    Thanks for the help but they’re called channels.

  11. Ethan Yakhin says:

    This is for channels not tracks. >( change your title bitch

  12. TheSghemboman says:

    i got a problem: when i open fl and i listen to the preview of samples i
    have in my playlist they are played in master track (as it should be) but
    also in the 1st mixer channel, it also happen with the metronome sound, do
    you guys have an explanation? 

  13. Carter says:

    is their a way to auto assign all the tracks to the mixer simultaneously im
    sure there is a way

  14. GreekNeek says:

    when i export all the sounds for mixdowns will it take both sounds of nthe
    one mixer or just pick one? i assign multiple sounds to the same channels
    but am missing some of the sounds when i export, is there a button to press
    or setting to change to solve this?

  15. TJSTOONS | Mσтιση Dєѕιgη says:

    Very, very, monotone.

  16. luckybeats2 says:

    Very helpful 

  17. Jonathan Sansó says:

    Hey, How to quit a channel of the mixer? A lot of people can´t find the
    answer. Thank you !

  18. Bam Bamz says:

    ive been having a problem with my mixer track doesnt want to pop up when i
    click it, is there any other way of getting it out ?

  19. C Aye Monk says:

    Thank you.

  20. Professor X says:

    How in the hell do you remove linked channels? I can’t figure it out

  21. Vivid Persona says:

    thanks a lot…i always worndered how to do tat 🙂

  22. William Fletcher says:

    No problem, thanks for checking it out!

  23. Ming Cash says:

    simple in and out teaching. thanks brotha

  24. The Fallen says:

    speak tf up