Pokemon ORAS OU Showdown Live: Shrimp Tempura

Pokemon ORAS OU Showdown Live: Shrimp Tempura

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Pop songstress Katy Perry filled her Super Bowl XLIX halftime show with color, pageantry, whimsy and a too-much-isn’t-enough sensibility that meshed well with one of the most hyped sporting…
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. pokeaimMD says:


  2. Parker says:

    Before I give up my life essense to the heavens above, I need to hear Joey
    say “Nigger.” This is my death wish.

  3. Chuck Pirlo says:

    Yo for the next “Building with chimp n’ aim” you should make a team around
    Mega Rayquaza and Mega Rayquaza and Mega Rayquaza and Mega Rayquaza and
    Mega Rayquaza for the Anything Goes tier :]

  4. jack goldberg says:

    18:57 most entertaining moment In pokeaim history no doubt 

  5. g6iii says:

    Terrak and MPinsir are UU at the moment


  6. Rishab Daryanani says:

    Why are you using psyshock instead of psychic when you have the physical
    coverage in rapid spin ? 

  7. Charlie Bartlett says:

    Alright Joey, I managed to become an Escavalier in one of Chimp’s videos
    yet I still haven’t been featured on here? With the fame of being
    represented by such a noble pokemon I would have expected to make an
    appearance in one of your videos. *sigh* next time ehh?


  8. xTheSweetness says:

    Hey Guys, I know this is like the scummiest thing, but I truly don’t know
    how else to reach out to you guys other than this. But I was hoping that
    you guys could stop by and check out my channel. I upload at least 5 days a
    week, mostly pokemon showdown.
    You obviously don’t have to check it out if you don’t want to because again
    I realize that this is a frowned upon comment, but I was just hoping to
    reach out to fellow pokemon battlers and lovers 🙂 Okay Thanks Guys.

  9. Abraham Drinkin says:

    How come you didn’t enter the VGC competition at Apex? Is it cause you
    didn’t feel polished up on VGC right now? Or cause you knew that ya boy
    Cybertron Zheng was taking home the gold no matter what?? (which he did

  10. Amaialu blue says:

    Joey, you should go try out the nu ladder because Claydol, Heliolisk,
    Mawile, Quagsire, and Virizion are now NU

  11. Metab Uddin says:

    In the least gayest, i wanna see pokeaim’s face

  12. dries de kock says:

    You should name the next Gyarados you use ‘Shrimpact’

  13. TheShadowsWithin53 says:

    13:19 “if he does have waterfall i’ll be sad” waterfall mandibuzz new meta!

  14. BOX SHOW says:

    Katy Perry “Roar”- Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show

  15. Thanias Beauty says:

    people that say she has bad vocals clearly don’t know the energy, training
    and hard work that goes into a performance like this! Katy perry has always
    been an amazing performer and singer and nothing about this disappointed
    me. it was amazing!

  16. FURinTeeth says:

    Well Thank God Missy Elliot was there to save the entire damn thing.

  17. BeaulaOla says:

    Oh my god this was horrible..she was off beat in all her dancing and at
    times just looked awkward in her movements..she should really be thanking
    missy for saving that performance.

  18. lyerly says:

    This video is advertised as high definition but that’s obviously a lie.. I
    hate liars

  19. Blasphy B says:

    rofl, entire thing lip synched, fake guitar playing, etc. etc. etc. Zero

  20. Jack Johnson says:

    I really don’t think she was lipsyncing I mean if you actually heard the
    song this is way different sounding but I thought Missy was pretty cool no
    matter pretty awesome halftime show

  21. Dana Howell says:

    All you so-called experts and critics make me want to vomit…ON YOU!! Ever
    done one of these performances? Then shut the hell up because you have no
    idea what you’re yapping about! Besides, Katy Perry is laughing, as they
    say, all the way to the bank!

  22. cmpunkfan34 says:

    Dude, I don’t even like Katy Perry, or pop for that matter and I still
    found myself singin’ along to teenage dream. She’s an absolutely amazing
    live talent! Best halftime show I’ve ever seen!

  23. MrMonikura says:

    America your the best in the world when it come to half time entertainment
    in footy final! Respect from Australia.

  24. Jenna Ice says:

    Wow. I’m shocked. What a surprisingly good performance. Go Katy Perry!
    Never been my favorite artist. But I give credit where it’s due.I was
    nervous just watching her! I coulda sworn she was gonna fall… My stomach
    dropped watching her go up.

  25. Nestor Gonzalez says:

    Dam that was epic halftime show. What’s with all the haters here?how can
    you hate so hard and critic like you could do better? I’m not even a fan
    but I can respect the hard work that went into this performance. To people
    who want to see perfection,please go kill yourself so you can go live in
    whatever illusion of reality you seem to have. If you have a Sheard of
    honesty you know you wouldn’t even come close to pulling off a show like
    hers. Keep it real you wankers.

  26. Bob Jenkins says:

    doods. only dah shurk was goud when it dancd , and katty purry is elumanati

  27. Catey Evers says:

    i don’t get why everyone is acting like this was the worst performance

  28. Mink HJ says:

    Why they don’t have the part that she rode on the tiger? That scene is also

  29. krisscouture says:

    I heard on the radio today there were people thinking Missy Elliott was a
    new artist *smfh*

  30. zeropromiscuous says:

    Maybe Beyonce and Bruno do it better vocally, but Katy’s performance was
    more enterteinment…

  31. King Diola says:

    Somewhere across the world Kin Yong is having the time of his life…

  32. Nahele Duskwalker says:

    This is just as bad as the black eyed peas show was. Why the hell did they
    choose such bad singers. Performances were horrible also. Only thing I
    liked was the stage and back up dancers for the chess board part.

  33. Senorita Mosh says:

    I don’t know i am not a KP fan but I always thought she is so cool.

  34. myrules1010 says:

    Great show. I’d still probably prefer just cheerleaders doing their thing
    while i kicked back and chatted with friends or did something else, but
    this was pretty awesome. Great performances and fantastic technical work
    with lighting and sets and supporting actors/dancers.