Point Blank Online Indonesia ( Inventory )

Point Blank Online Indonesia The Best FPS Gaming in Asean.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

T. Williams has fast become one of the UK’s most promising producers, with a flair for laying down huge club tracks which straddle the lines between House, G…



  1. Masz Dee says:

    My Chara (PB Indonesia)

  2. Victor Gomes says:

    Que lixo de video.

  3. cristian souza says:

    dar chas??

  4. Robin Gordon says:

    this has been very helpful! Thank you for sharing

  5. Mally Mal says:

    does he not eq any of his individual tracks?

  6. ayolewistv says:


  7. NINJATRONdnb says:

    nice uploads cheers

  8. James Who? says:

    inspiring! thanks

  9. jdsongwriter says:

    Great video! T Williams is innovative!

  10. Saybe Thirst says:

    “I just hum something into my iphone” Yup, me too!

  11. TilakaDPsy says:

    you should try to search Darkpsy or Forest Psy here in youtube and try to
    make music like this. it’s advanced music against this 🙂

  12. Joe Gross says:

    This was great!

  13. Connor5594 says:

    Ha tried to skip forward a little and clicked on the logic screen and tried
    to press play =s

  14. RedRavenRuler says:

    Point Blank smashing it again with another GREAT free video! Love this one
    guys thank you so much!

  15. TheRattigans says:

    he doesn’t eq anything!

  16. rufus566 says:

    He eq’s the audio at the final mixdown stage.

  17. Ben Harris says:

    Awesome, great job giving away this away for free. T. Williams is really
    quite big in the game atm. Saw him dj with julio bashmore the other day and
    he’s done stuff with the likes of l-vis 1990. the guy knows his stuff.

  18. TheAcstdesnhorw says:

    please teach him…i havent used logic myself,i ll be in fl forever

  19. BCFoolin says:

    Not my genre but a great reminder of how great automation is!