Point Blank Online FPS

Point Blank Online FPS

The lastest promo video for Point Blank(http://pb.plaync.co.kr)
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. mnemic2008 says:

    i was jking lol so dont take it serious 😀

  2. samanthakhiel says:

    what is the music please? Thanks!


    well where im from theres no games untill this one…2009 theres no lag at
    all if it is within your country… its just stupid to play with other
    countries wish there was no such thing as Ping LOL


    i hate to disagree but…there is no lag at all if the game actually
    launches in your country and the servers are all there. You cant judge the
    game by lag: its unfair Yes… i am a little annoyed withe renting gun
    thing but every free game needs some sort of income

  5. weweAudric666 says:

    this game is at indonesia…. but i hope we can meet…. so indonesia vs


    would u like to play sometime? add me SAS|DOM3 what school u go to?

  7. garra299 says:

    Mending pake SMG, tapi gw maniak MG, uang cukup Machine gun, lupakan SMG…
    Machine Gun tembak atasnya, kalo tembak bawah mati duluan lo

  8. musejr says:

    Im MuseJr from Point Blank Indonesia.. i played this game too.. but, this
    game is new in indonesia n not provide new weapon like L115A1, G36C, p90
    EXT, Dual Knife yet… I hope that weapons will ready for PB Indonesia

  9. Sanji Kung says:

    i play this game its the best game FPS game 😀 i play it in Thailand it

  10. supergod58 says:

    Not all good games korean. CS is good, it’s not made by korea.

  11. Felipe Eduardo Pedro Pedro says:

    eu quero hacker de cash n o jogo eu ja tenho o jogo fas tempo

  12. HawkEagle248 says:

    well i play point blank, and its quite good, but the counter strike source
    is more realistic

  13. omgcommenter says:

    i play this game in korean version and its frickin badass the best fps in
    my korean very good graphics and very realistic and no there is no american
    version too bad

  14. Kevin Lam says:

    really?! so do you know where to get it?! if you do please tell me!!!!!!!

  15. DrlchknJr says:

    @SiLeNCel2 It sells them. Better yet, it distributes them. They don’t get
    the money, but they still sell them. Steam also patches them and fixes
    bugs. It’s basically a store. The store doesn’t get the money, the
    developers do (Valve), but they still sell them. So much for your smart ass
    comment. You should get 4 thumbs down, oh wait, YouTube doesn’t want to
    hurt your feelings, so it stays un-recognized.

  16. erkcup says:

    real best graphic

  17. iDonnoooo says:

    Copy of Vegas ?

  18. FreedomFighterEx says:

    thank for some list of game 😀 anyway Korea is the most country that made
    game online right? some of them is shit….. some of them is good some of
    them is Legend!!!

  19. SilkroadLegendROCK says:

    i know you was joking ^_^

  20. yustin325 says:

    omgcommenter y don u go eat a fucking rice u peice of this games is abd
    anyway .try plaing battlefield its wayy better than this piece of shit fuck

  21. blackxcrowdy says:

    u gotta thank them since if they aren’t exist, no good online games

  22. DhnielJE says:

    @HawkEagle248 your ass counter strike source is more realistic