Phat chords with Albino 3 and Camelphat! – Ableton Tutorial Tuesday

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Creative sound design using timestretching! - Sound Design Saturday

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  1. Em0killer13 says:

    yeah uh when you spread the triggering of the oscillators its actually
    called phasing….and the reason why you would lose “punch” is given the
    retriggers of both oscillators are not on the same time the attack of each
    get’s lost in the mix hence no higher amplitude on the transient…

  2. Dj FubarD says:

    any good alternate’s for albino 3??? (Discontinued, and kinda broke)

  3. kayo Beetz says:

    wtf. this was lame man. thanks for the slow… real slow non informative
    video. im not a hater though lol

  4. James Alliance says:

    This kid is a god amongst men….fuck any who think different

  5. Leon Greyboat says:

    what’s the song in the start of the video?

  6. Lks10_Pony says:

    why is the project called : stabby saw synth fucked up with camelphat?

  7. benweichiba says:

    Like your videos alot , keep em coming , anyone who has time to write
    negative messages must not be making many tracks…

  8. GruesomeGertie says:

    Some of us aren’t as brilliant as you are. This is a music tutorial after
    all, so I don’t know what you’re doing here. I thought you were a “real”
    musician? Showing us the notes really does help, he’d only need to go to
    the midi clip for 2 seconds so we could pause it. But it’s not a big deal,
    I ended up managing to figure it out. I’m loving these tutorials and can’t
    wait for the next season which will hopefully focus on dubstep.

  9. xqtere says:

    Jason, get over it. I think he does well considering second language.
    Fantastic tutorials!!!

  10. FunkyFrogProject says:

    AAaaa ok .. no magic controller so !!! ^^

  11. Jack Estacio says:

    random white keys. lol It’s on Am scale.

  12. Blaze Chaser Reacts says:

    What was the song you were using at the introduction? It’s so awesome! 😀

  13. James Bond says:

    When will stupid people stop trying to get you to change the way you say
    things? I understand you JUST FINE….

  14. buffturtle says:

    Is there any good alternative to albino 3? I’m broke.

  15. Zeradin says:

    You can skip ahead. It’s youtube. We’ve had it for like 10 years.

  16. Alex den Boef says:

    Anyone know what chords he has in the midi track kind of want to know

  17. GregoireMalone says:

    I missed something in one of your past tutorial, or you do not talk about,
    but you did what in your return tracks A and B?

  18. ThatCompKid says:

    Whats with the dislikes you unappreciative pricks?

  19. Rowdy Row says:

    hey artfx, I cant download the plug in!

  20. platipo says:

    No idea if somebody asked already, but I can’t help wondering: with all
    that amazing filter goodness, the Camelphat, the Rob Papen things and
    stuff… why are you automating auto filter, which, to not so professional
    ears like mine sounds kinda like shit, especially in sweeps? Just asking, I
    don’t understand why you keep adding effects when on various occasions you
    could have just automated your plugin filters in the first place

  21. Kodi Banger says:

    a lot of interesting stuff . Thank you so much

  22. Rubrik says:


  23. Norman Elias says:


  24. ARTFX STUDIOS says:

    Creative sound design using timestretching to create spooooooooky stuff. :)

  25. Sumit Roy says:

    i badly need the software, i can not install it. i am using windows7 , any
    help? please!

  26. NWHRB0Y says:

    Thanks mate, once again :)

  27. James R says:

    billion years?! wthat tha fuck!, do it, then make it play till the end of
    time. and than in hundreds of years people will be wondering where the
    sound came from. 

  28. David LeBlanc says: here’s the
    link that worked for me to get the mac version of paul’s extreme sound
    stretch…hope this helps for all the mac users out there!!!

  29. Muhammed Gamal says:

    very good tut mate, but your voice has very annoying fast attack i think ,
    its painful to hear it this way for 40 mins through the headphones :S, the
    tut is AWESOME 

  30. James R says:

    What do you mean by the sound that conspiracy theorist would recognize?

  31. Mark Somar says:

    Zeker een vette tutorial,. Klasse!!

    Perhaps one day,. You can make a tutorial about intro’s,., intro’s Like
    used in podcast,., for example: Traxtorm // Drumcode // TTM

    Well,., keep it up!! Respect!

  32. iowa1 says:

    Uhmm..the video is uhmm…very interesting uhmm…thanks

  33. ParnischYT says:

    This looks promising! Thanks, ArtFX!

  34. David LeBlanc says:

    21:00…totally great example of why using paul’s extreme sound stretch can
    be the better choice over using ableton’s timestretch option…nicely

  35. Edward Fisher says:

    Just got paulstretch, its the coolest thing ever! Thanks for showing me
    this, you rock