Oldschool 70s and 80s Presets for N.I. Massive VST Synth

Get the sounds here: http://xenossoundworks.com/massive.html ’70s and 80s Synths’ contains 64 retro-styled presets for Native Instruments Massive, invoking f…

How To Create a Trance Supersaw Pad Using Native Instruments Massive VST

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  1. Utentagen says:

    i need to know the first song. this is killing me.

  2. tspeiro says:

    I love the song at 2:36 !

  3. TommyTronic Hutcherson says:

    Just got this! Super pumped! Can’t wait to get home, open Ableton and crank
    it up!

  4. Emjy Yavoslavisky says:

    Drop the vaporwave my hipster friend !

  5. Eraleon says:

    Miami Vice Theme!!!!!!!

  6. jelahni says:

    anyone wants to hook me up

  7. TommyTronic Hutcherson says:

    This is great. I don’t typically use massive, but I am after I get this!!!

  8. XerxiesLv426 says:

    That sound is totally rad!

  9. Blu SUBsound says:

    personally think high end sounds bad in massive and is only good for bass

  10. Sprangeful says:

    @OfficialForekast Solved it! Thanks!

  11. Forekast Music says:

    @Sprangeful Maybe turn your volume down? Not loud for me.

  12. valzugg says:

    This is more like a pad than hypersaw. Good job though.

  13. Nick Alvarado says:

    Are you drunk

  14. GrubiTrance says:

    @valzugg read the title “How To Create a Trance Supersaw PAD”

  15. Selena Ružić says:

    I did everything except the last step… when I drag cutoff to the filter
    1, ableton totally dissapears, like it was turned off. Can anybody tell me
    why did this happen? Is it because my Massive is just a trial?

  16. jojo191519 says:

    awesome tutorial, ive wanted to understand this sound for almost two years
    and you’ve cracked it for me 🙂 thank you!

  17. Above Clouds says:

    1:51 – ur welcome

  18. Sprangeful says:

    Fucking made me deaf