nukage’s FM8 Bass Tutorial Pt.1 | Skrillex, Kill The Noise, Feed Me style Dubstep Bass with FM8

For Part 2, extra info and Free FM8 Dubstep Bass Patch downloads go to: Intro song now available:…



  1. Walk N' Amaze says:

    Did you make the song at 00:31 a real song because it sounds dope as

  2. Nathaniel Keith says:

    i have a problem opening the .nfm8 presets on Fm8 VST but i can open it on
    Fm8 standalone which only open .nfm8 while the vst only open .ksd 

  3. rellybeats says:

    Close, but no moustache.

  4. Aaron James says:


  5. nukage says:

    it comes into play later on when you start using the morph settings

  6. nukage says:

    i only recorded a small part of the screen so it would look big and
    therefore easier to see on youtube

  7. William Kincade says:

    dude why does fm8 look so big on your monitor

  8. Tyler Bireley says:

    wow! you are freakin amazing at your basslines. is there anyway you could
    give me some tips and techniques on how to make a good baseline or just
    dubstep in general. maybe we could pm and talk a little. this is something
    ive been wanting to learn for a while and would love to know a lot. if you
    could reply to this that would be cool.

  9. GoodNME says:

    I want Ableton!!!:O

  10. Jakestir123 says:

    probably just vengeance samples…

  11. mikepro500 says:

    Oh Fuck!!!

  12. ElectrumShiv says:

    Neato! Thanks muchly my friend 🙂

  13. nukage says:

    Yup, thats why this is a KTN Style bass, not the real thing

  14. Dakota Grey says:

    Can anyone help me, I’m trying to download the dimension ex pander and it
    says access is denied.

  15. djmajhkr says:

    Actually, unless he changed, Kill The Noise uses reason… Ik that for a
    fact, but yes, Feed me does use massive.

  16. OfficialPinkaMenaX says:

    Hay here’s a song a made by following this tutorial:
    Unsatisfied(ft.Twilight Sparkle) by OfficialPinkaMenaX

  17. Dane Brosio says:

    dont you think that the build up needs more filtering before the drop?
    maybe progressively cutoff the low end and then, as they say, drop the bass
    …just saying

  18. nukage says:

    watch?v=seRBXLPRngE this vid helped me