NI Massive VST – Basic Beginner Tutorial – Getting Started

NI Massive VST - Basic Beginner Tutorial - Getting Started This great tutorial is by Nathan Kawanishi.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

#4 How to *really* make Dubstep (Massive VST basics)

New mind-blowing tutorial by the TornadoTwins. Learn how to make electronic music from A-Z using Ableton Live and the Massive VST. Dubstep is the fastest ris…
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. nathan sokoloff says:

    Nice tutorial

  2. The BST says:

    Too bad I don’t have Massive…
    I like how you say “SHUT UP” though XD.

  3. Danny boy says:

    This tutorial is perfect. Im a begginer, and this is exactly what I needed,
    a dumb down version. great way of describing everything. So many people
    give up this beause they have no idea how to use a synth correctly. this
    tutrial can go for any synth. Job well done

  4. jean-baptiste Debliquis says:

    Super, simple, perfect for beginner, it s difficult to find tutorial for

  5. 420LQ says:

    What a unique voice.

  6. Андрей Крохмаль says:

    You don`t have, you don`t need… aha.

  7. José Gomes says:

    Any massive alternative?

  8. Stan McDowall says:

    These videos have made a huge difference! thanks for these. I started out
    not having a clue, but after watching these clips now I get the basics and
    hopefully can start with my own stuff soon

  9. Ozterkvlt says:

    i bet this is going to be horribly cheesy but im gonna give you the benefit
    of a doubt and check it out. not everyone likes cheesy melodies in their
    dubstep either, what about the origins of dubstep, skream etc? i sure hope
    you dont just ride on this brostep wave. But yeah that’s what 90% of the
    people who watch this videos do anyways so cant blaim you for catering to

  10. lightning_bug says:

    helo, Im a female vocalist looking for a dubstep producer, im into nitgrit,
    mt eden, tmass, the heavy melodic stuff. ive tried craigslist, but you know
    its mostly void of dubstep producers and ive found none. if you are
    interested please reply. thanks. heres my vocals in the link

  11. MLG 420 High as fuck says:

    Where the fuck is the download?

  12. Aiden Morgan says:

    Where can I find these samples?

  13. Auro says:

    10 year olds: “how do I install a vst”

  14. lowprofile says:

    “3 year old recorded a lama!”

  15. Whennie Da Pool says:

    If you are having trouble loading the patches, go to file, and import ksd

  16. MRhamburgers1001 says:

    where the hell is the activation code for massive?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!

  17. john Collins says:

    OK theres no convert button under file or any of that…

  18. Peter Zagone says:

    Your a badass! THANK YOU

  19. Erik Boesen says:

    I installed Massive (on PC) but Nothing appears at ALL when I goo to the
    Plugins tab. HEEEELP!!!!!

  20. Justin DiBacco says:

    I installed massive and nothing is appearing in the plugins tab and i dont
    know what to do. im using windows vista. i tries going to preferences and
    re scanning plugins and it still doesnt show up. PLEASE HELP!!

  21. Rodrigo Zavala says:

    Man! Help! I can’t join to your page.

  22. CarbonCanine - I do the gaming thingy says:

    If baby bells doesn’t show up go to file, then import….

  23. amine kassem says:

    +Tornado Twins The link is dead, could you fix it?

  24. AddictedBro says:

    The PLUGIN only supports WIN 7 ? O.o Fck it.. Stupid business.. they could
    make it to work on windows XP if they would want to.. But they dont care
    cause of money..

  25. Max Dunat says:

    Ksd files are no longer valid. Please update your patch files to nmsv files
    to maintain compatibility, as I cannot continue without this change.

  26. Zach Fintz says:

    the sign up for the samples goes to a page that says “Invalid list ID”, can
    anyone help please?

  27. Tyler Doyle says:

    Can someone with these files throw them on dropbox or something? Their site
    isn’t working.

  28. Hargun Singh says:

    EPIC-PAD-ISH-SOFT-IDYLLIC-MELODY <--Thats what the pros call it

  29. OGMotionz says:

    its saying it cant open the bells file.. help?

  30. respectingdeth says:

    where do i download the scraper???