Neurofunk Episode 3: Making the intro (Part 3)

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  1. Rees Cattermole says:

    Good shittttt! At the end of the video you should play through the entire
    track from the beginning so we get a feel of the whole as it progresses in
    each video! Definitely looking forward to the rest of this Tutorial Tuesday
    season! :)

  2. ARTFX STUDIOS says:

    Recording, editing and uploading took ages, but here is episode 3 of
    Tutorial Tuesday Neurofunk!

  3. EΛRTRΛ$H says:

    Sounds Epic man!

  4. NativeAUS says:

    This is going to be a good Wednesday! 

  5. Андрей Матирных says:

    Dude you’re cool.
    The Intro sounds very epic.
    The idea for a track, see a segment from the movie knight fights.
    Look forward to continue working on the project!
    With best wishes, Andrew.

  6. NIXSTER says:

    yeah .. where can i get a version of kontakt for mac??
    good work dude!

  7. Fire Traxx says:

    wow Kontakt its so badass:D 

  8. Lin Kuron says:

    Niceeee Video 

  9. Kreptik Dj Producer says:

    Great intro! But i still can’t imagine how it will be the final track XD i
    suppose it will be a challenge to put together a cinematic intro like that
    with a Neurofunk style drop!

  10. Kodi Banger says:

    its amazing .you are huge ))

  11. G&M Media-Design says:

    I need those Drums :P

  12. ARTFX STUDIOS says:

    @Nick Aliferopoulos Rhythm/vibe/thing-that-drives-you-forward? Could you be
    a little bit more specific?

  13. Dávid Držka says:

    And can I add there a video too?

  14. behshad yaghobi says:

    hi man
    are you greate but i think you need use some more instruments like violin
    spicatto french horn timpani and choires 

  15. Marco Doll says:

    i like all of your stuff man, sometimes music suckz a lot, then i switch to
    your channel and …. bing 😉 new ideas every time. I SAY THANK U guys….
    weiter so !

  16. TheRumpletiltskin says:

    around 1:55 when it kicks in, I thought it was going to be a remake of the
    Old School Undertaker music.

  17. MrNuage08 says:

    How about making the bass from the track in the intro ?

  18. mestavros says:

    Dude you are amazing! Last week, I was on a huge Kill the Noise bender and
    you made a KTN bass. This week, I filmed a horror short and needed to
    figure out how to make eerie strings and you made this. You are the man!
    Keep up the fantastic work.

  19. Karl ONeill says:

    Good to see you do more with this genre, i love making music with strings
    etc, even though i don’t like electro/dubstep i still watch your tutorials
    for techniques and general Ableton use so it was good to watch you work
    with something i’m more familiar with. good tutorial.

  20. sq moon says:

    I’m gonna save this video! Cheers mate

  21. ZekoqOfficial says:


  22. Cat andbeats says:

    awesome. That was pretty damn epic!

  23. Nick Aliferopoulos says:

    Could you make a tutorial about the
    rythm/vibe/thing-that-drives-you-forward in tracks? Any commercial track
    has melodic things that help with the overall feeling and mood. How can I
    achieve something like it?

  24. EZSub says:

    Great sound, i find the sub a bit loud on the intro, but then it s fine. I
    like your synth strings, i ve made it with sylenth like 2 month ago exactly
    the same “nikita soundtrack” with a bit more cut off maybe. thks

  25. ARTFX STUDIOS says:
  26. WaRiS says:

    :O wow

  27. Gaute Holen says:

    This is epic! Do more of this

  28. FoSbaKiaS says:

    @Nick Aliferopoulos exaskisi file.. einai na to exeis ligo kai na to
    proponeis kathe mera

  29. VitalikSechen says:

    Detuned white noise?)) Something new about noise))

  30. R'enbe says:

    I REALLY hope YouTube is going to work for this video.. Been waiting for
    this >.<